What’s New?

Merry Tuesday everybody, it’s been a pretty interesting few days and here are my personal geek-news highlights:

Tom Cavanagh Knows The Identity of Zoom

tom cavanaghIf you’re watching The Flash then you know that this is the
massive story-arc this season. I personally think it’s Earth-2 Barry but, who knows? Apparently Tom Cavanagh. Obviously, he couldn’t reveal the identity of Zoom – lest he be struck down by the studio gods – but in DC’s All Access feature he did let us know that he already knows who Zoom is.

Could Tom Welling Reprise Role Of Superman for Supergirl?

Simply put, probably not. This last week fans have been atom welling smallvillesking if Tom Welling, who played the Man of Steel in WB’s Smallville, would be putting on the spandex one more time to appear in Supergirl. His response was effectively that he hadn’t been asked to do it. I’m not Superman’s biggest fan but I liked Smallville when it was on. However, the beauty of Supergirl is that it’s about Supergirl. They’ve only shown small glimpses of her cousin in the show and never his face. Maybe at some point Superman will appear in the show but for now it looks like they’re establishing Kara as a character in her own right.

Kung Fu Panda 3 Kills At Box Office. Woop De Freaking Do.

I liked Kung Fu Panda. I didn’t get through the sequel. I didn’t see a need for a third but clearly millions of other people did as the film dominated the US and Chinese box offices this week. To be fair, it didn’t exactly have stiff competition in The Finest Hours (dammit Chris Pine) and Jane Got A Gun. Now, if it was against Deadpool

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them Has A New Featurette.

Potterheads, it’s coming and it looks amazing. Every time I see something about this film I get very excited and it feels like I’m 11 years old again (minus, the very un-11 y.o. feelings created by Eddie Redmayne). Check out the video:


So, the Hulk’s Smart Now…

intelligent hulk

Thor: Ragnarok comes out late next year but we already know that the Norse god is going to be hanging with the Hulk in this outing (hanging out, stopping the end of worlds, same difference). Now we’re hearing that the Hulk may be more intelligent this time around, potentially even being able to speak. The Hulk terrified me until I was sixteen so I think this is great. He’ll be more relatable plus more useful. I mean, Thor probably needs the Hulk’s help more than he needs Banner’s so if he can actually talk to the Hulk that would be super helpful.


That is all for today, I will be back with more geek news on Thursday but until then:

Who do you think Zoom is? Were you one of the people who saw Kung Fu Panda 3? How psyched are you for Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them? Let me know in the comments.

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