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Happy Thursday people, I am very excited about the last couple of days so let’s just get into it:

Ghostbusters Set Photos With Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth in his first character photo for the 'Ghostbusters' reboot on Feb. 3, 2016Hemsworth was cast as the male receptionist to our lady Ghostbusters, but this week set photos were released which show the man sporting a vest and glasses combination. Is it weird that geek-Hemsworth is infinitely more attractive than god-Hemsworth? Anyway… images of the main four actresses were also released and they look great. I can’t wait for this movie (I’m not going to pretend that Hemsworth isn’t a massive part of that).

Fast & Furious Has Release Dates For It’s Next 3 Films

Vin Diesel posted to instagram a photo revealing previously unknown dates for Fast & Furious 9 and 10. I really thought that the franchise was over after the death of Paul Walker but I’m happy that it’s not. What was essentially a B-movie showcasing cars and boobs has become this huge cultural thing about the importance of love and family – hell, it even makes me want to talk to my family. For like a second (I kid, my family are… great).

Elizabeth Banks Cast In Power Rangers Movie

Anybody else obsessed with Power Rangers when they were little? I had a yellow ranger action figure that I carried everywhere. Elizabeth Banks has been cast in the upcoming Power Rangers movie as the villain, Rita Repulsa. Some are upset that a white woman has been cast in the role when the character was played by an Asian woman in the original series. This is, of course, a valid complaint but I really like Elizabeth Banks and she’s perfect for this role.


Steve Agee Cast In Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

I don’t know who Steve Agee is. Looking at his filmography, I’ve definitely seen things that he’s been in: New Girl, Community, 2 Broke Girls but I don’t recognise the man. Still, he’s been cast in the Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel and whilst I have nothing good to say about him, I also have nothing bad to say about him which is a pretty accurate description of how I felt about Guardians Of The Galaxy before it came out and that turned out to be one of the best Marvel films to date.

Flash In Supergirl!

That headline came off slightly dirtier than intended but you get the idea – I hope. Grant Gustin, a.k.a. The Flash will be heading over to National City to appear in Supergirl on March 28. Massive fist-pump moment. It was uncertain whether or not Supergirl was going to be a part of the Arrowverse what with it being on an entirely different network and all but it’s happening. They’re both so frikking cute and smiley, this episode is going to be adorable. Hopefully, they’ll also kick ass.

That’s it for now, more geek news on Sunday but if you made it all the way to the bottom then let me know:

Should Rita Repulsa have been cast as an Asian woman? Is geeky Chris Hemsworth the best thing that you’ve ever seen? How do you think The Flash and Supergirl are going to mix? Let me know in the comments.



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