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Merry Tuesday everybody, it was Superbowl weekend which I don’t care about at all because:

  1. I’m English.
  2. I hate sports.
  3. People kept talking about the game when there were epic trailer premieres happening???

All The Films At The Superbowl

Like I said, the Superbowl isn’t my thing but if a giant sporting event is going to get me excited then it would be this one: there were some great TV spots and new trailers. To name a few, Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, Jason Bourne… If you want to then by all means check out some of the highlights in this little reel that I most definitely did not compile:

Screenwriter, Daniel Gerson, Has Died

In sadder news, Daniel Gerson died on Saturday at age 49 from brain cancer. Whilst his name may not mean anything to you, he co-wrote Monsters Inc., Monsters University and Big Hero 6. He was also involved in many other Pixar projects. R.I.P. Daniel Gerson.

The Deadpool Reviews Are In And The World Loves It

Deadpool premiered yesterday in France and is coming over to the UK tomorrow (US geeks are going to have to wait until Friday) but the reviews are already in. What are the media saying about this movie? Well, here’s one quote from a cnet review:

“It’s blunt-force, rapid-fire comedy, and it’s unrelentingly funny.”

New Daredevil Trailer

As if we didn’t get enough through the Superbowl (not that I’m complaining), there is a new teaser trailer out for Daredevil Season 2. I wasn’t a big fan of the first season and this teaser hasn’t exactly got me all riled up for the second one but I’m happy to be proved wrong on this.

Director Leaves Divergent Series

Robert Schwentke, the director of Insurgent and Allegiant
will not be returning to direct the fourth and final installment of the Divergent series, titled ‘Ascendant’. Currently, we do not know why he’s left the project, meaning that a four-film series will have had three different directors. Maybe he quit in protest of one book being dragged out for two movies. We get it, Harry Potter did it and it worked. That doesn’t mean you need to do it for every YA series.

That’s it for today but once again, I’ll be back on Thursday with more geek news.

Did you watch the Superbowl or just the trailers? How psyched are you for Deadpool? Was Daredevil a monumental disappointment for you, too? Let me know in the comments. 

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