Deadpool: A Review


Guys. It finally happened – I watched Deadpool and if you follow me on Twitter then you know the struggle I went through today in just finding a cinema to actually watch it in.

I’ve been waiting for this film for months: I watched the teasers, the trailers, all the promo and I genuinely had butterflies in my stomach when I left my flat this afternoon. Okay, cool story but how was the film? Amazing. I’m struggling to describe the level of amazing-ness without swearing (although if you can’t handle some cursing, this probably isn’t the film for you).

This is a unique film in the way it manages to combine comedy, violence, romance and all the while maintains a convincing and appealing plot.

In you wanted to know exactly what that appealing plot was, then… Wade Wilson is essentially freelance muscle-for-hire. He meets the love of his life which is all great until he gets terminal cancer. Compelled by a desire to live on, Wade joins a program which purports to turn people into superheroes. It’s through this program that he gets his powers but at the same time undergoes a pretty hideous physical transformation which leaves him wanting revenge against the man who caused it.

Deadpool is known in the comics as “the merc’ with a mouth” and Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal lived up to that entirely. I would like to give the writers, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, all of the prizes. Somehow a film with a joke practically every other line did not get tired once and I laughed my way through it. Credit must also be given to Reynolds who collaborated heavily on the script and delivers the punchlines perfectly.

Speaking of Reynolds, I don’t think that anybody could really argue with his casting after seeing the original leaked test footage (although opinions after X-Men Origins: Wolverine were probably more divisive) but it still needs to be said that he really is what makes this film. Without a believable actor as the titular character, the whole thing falls apart: particularly with such a small cast.

I’m not sure if I could see Deadpool slotting neatly into the existing X-Men franchise, especially with the difference in age classification but it was nice to see interaction between him and some of the X-Men (Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead). The earnestly heroic ideals of Colossus are laughable next to Deadpool and you have to wonder who’s got it the right way around – particularly when Colossus stops fighting to allow his opponent to cover her boobs and gets thrown across the yard for his efforts. Weak move, bro.

For a superhero movie, Deadpool is refreshingly self-aware and I’m not just talking about the whole breaking-the-fourth-wall-deal. From the opening title sequence it’s clear that this film knows exactly what it is, with credits such as, ‘A British Villain’, ‘A Gratuitous Cameo’ and ‘A CGI Character’. When I say that I was already laughing before the film began, I mean it.

The last film that I remember enjoying the talking-to-audience-concept in was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off but this film outdid even the great John Hughes (although, I don’t really think that they can fairly be compared…). I am a person that gets very involved with what I’m watching anyway but this time around I found myself nodding in agreement or shaking my head and I will admit that I looked a teeny bit crazy.

I said that this was a romance, right? Usually, the story is very much about the hero and then they have a love interest slotted in somewhere but this plot was led by the love story. I’m not saying that it’s a date movie (although, if you’re taking me on a date then Deadpool is guaranteed to get you a yes) but the romantic elements don’t feel forced. Yes, the girl gets kidnapped and Deadpool has to save her: it’s not a huge deviation from the typical hero structure but for once, I can really believe that they love each other.

As the first 15-rated (or R-rated, if you’re from the US) Marvel movie, Deadpool really worked hard for it’s classification. Yeah, there’s a lot of cursing but the violence: the gorgeous, gory, gratuitous violence. We’re talking one bullet, three heads and please do not forget about Deadpool being handled by a knife embedded in his skull. Looking back, I can now kind of understand why China wouldn’t show it.

A special mention must be made to the soundtrack which helped to create the light and ultimately fun atmosphere of the film. You’re sure to hear beautifully composed tracks including, ‘A Face I Would Sit On’ and ‘Let’s Try To Kill Each Other’.

With the lowest budget of any Marvel movie since Punisher: War  Zone (and if we’re talking about films that people actually might have watched – Elektra) Deadpool manages to be one of their best, recent movies. Honestly, Daredevil had a larger budget. Seriously.

This feels like less of a review and more of me just gushing over the film but I don’t know what to say – I can’t fault it. If you haven’t watched it then keep an eye out for what is for sure, Stan Lee’s best cameo to date. Also, a fun post-credits scene.

Have you watched Deadpool? Did you love it? Do you think that there will be a sequel? Are you insane and actually have some criticisms you want to let me know about? Let me know in the comments.




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