What’s New? || Geek News

Happy Thursday people, I have tons of glorious geeky news to share with you this morning so let’s go:

Deadpool Sequel In The Works

That’s right – the movie opened this week and they’re already working on a second which has indeed been green-lighted by the studio. Oh happy days, it took 11 years to get the first one and then straight away a second one is thrown our way. Deadpool is fantastic (*cough* feel free to check out my review *cough*) and if they’re keeping the same creative team – which is currently the idea – then I cannot wait.

Charlize Theron To Star As Fast 8 Villain

Alright, so this isn’t confirmed yet but she is definitely being offered the role and if she takes it (I really hope that she takes it) then she’ll be the first female villain in the franchise. Personally, I can think of nobody better – although I’m pretty tired right now so that doesn’t mean all that much. To me, she just… exudes power.

Warner Bros. Announce New DC Super Hero Girls

New toys, merchandise aimed at girls aged 6-12 will launch in Target stores in March.Let’s all take a minute of silence to remember all of the little girls growing up who didn’t get superhero action figures because they were “boys’ toys”. Respectful silence over? Sweet, Warner Bros. have announced further details surrounding their DC Super Hero Girls line which will include clothes, accessories and most importantly, the first 6-inch action figure designed for girls. Also, it’s not just heroes: you can get Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn – it’s a beautiful thing.

Fox Has Ordered Courteney Cox Comedy Pilot

Did anybody else love Cougar Town? That’s pretty much all I was thinking when I saw this news. It’s just a pilot and maybe it won’t turn into a series but if we could get another Cougar Town I’ll die happy. Or maybe they should just renew Cougar Town…

That’s it for today but feel free to check out some other things on the blog. There will be another News Round-Up on Sunday but until then:

Are the studio rushing Deadpool 2 because they’re terrible money-grabbing leeches? Do you care or just want more Deadpool? Will you be purchasing some DC action figures (which don’t have an age-limit, mum!)? Let me know in the comments.




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