The (mostly) CW Review

Supergirl: For The Girl Who Has Everything (Season 1, Episode 13)

“How lovely for you to come into the office. On a weekday, no less.” – Cat

Before this episode aired there was a bit of hype around seeing the young Superman but I have to say that the entire Krypton storyline fell flat for me.

This episode begins with Kara in an induced coma state where she is living out her dream-life: on Krypton with her family. Her sister and friends on Earth try to get her out of this state which they manage with the help of her aunt. She goes on to fight the man who placed her in that state – her aunt’s husband, Non.

I have to start by talking about the lens flares in this episode: honestly, the Krypton scenes would put J. J. Abrams to shame. Maybe the idea was to give Krypton a very different feel to Earth but the only thing that it achieved was being incredibly distracting and making me want to watch Star Trek.

With Kara trapped in her own mind, the other characters were without a real leader or any guidance and it showed. With the exception of Cat Grant who could have her own spin-off show (I would definitely watch), the characters in the show were less engaging without Kara to bounce off of. At one point Jimmy Olsen says to Kara’s inert body, “we need you,” and I can’t help but agree.

On a brighter note, watching Melissa Benoist play J’onn J’onzz playing Kara was a highlight of the episode for me and the first time that I really started to enjoy watching it.

Emotions run at a high this episode which I suppose is to be expected as this would initially have acted as the season finale before CBS ordered an additional seven episodes. Chyler Leigh delivers two powerful and emphatic speeches in a very family-centric episode.

In the fight scene at the end of the episode, Astra (Kara’s aunt), is killed by Alex (Kara’s sister) although J’onn J’onzz/Hank takes the blame for it. This death genuinely shocked me, even if it didn’t exactly move me, which is rare for a superhero show. So, you know, kudos.

Overall, I was a fan of the episode even if it was slow-going at the beginning. I’m sure the fact that Alex murdered one of the last living members of Kara’s family will come back to bite them all in the ass and I am really looking forward to that.

The Flash: Welcome To Earth-2 (Season 2, Episode 13)

“You hurt?” – Joe

“My pride. And my body. My pride and my body.” – Jay

I’m struggling to find words for this episode – that’s a positive thing, by the way. We’ve seen characters from Earth-2 come over to Earth-1 but actually seeing Earth-2 was something else entirely.

In case the title wasn’t enough or you haven’t been on social media, in this episode of The Flash Barry, Cisco and Harry went to Earth-2 in order to save Harry’s daughter, Jessie. We get to see all kinds of Earth-2 doppelgangers including the villains of the episode: Cailtin turned Killer Frost and Ronnie turned Darkstorm.

I had very high expectations going into this episode which is never a good thing because I tend to set myself up for disappointment – fortunately, that was not the case in this instance. The show tackled the Earth-2 storyline with its usual levity and comedy but brought in some very interesting plot points.

First of all: Supergirl! I’m not having a stroke – I know the review for this week’s Supergirl is above but we got our first glimpse of Supergirl in The Flash this week. In case you missed it, you see the figure of Supergirl as the Star Labs team make their way through the portal to Earth-2. Have I said ‘Supergirl’ enough times? I talked about this in a Geek News last week but in March there will be a Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode and this is the first in-show allusion to that.

Back to the actual show. Barry and Cisco’s initial reactions to Earth-2 were a pretty fair demonstration of my own: child-like excitement. There were a lot of doppelgangers but special mention must be made to Deadshot who can’t aim to save his life (unfortunately, I do mean that literally) and Cisco. Earth-1 Cisco is a constant favourite throughout the series but Earth-2 Cisco and their interaction was beautiful television – until Earth-2 Cisco was killed. Nonetheless, we’ve now seen that Cisco is capable of a lot more than just “vibes”.

Similarly to Supergirl, Barry was able to speak to his mother who, in his own universe, is dead. For a generally upbeat, fun episode, this scene was done fantastically – brilliant acting on Grant Gustin’s part – the tone moved seamlessly from bright and cheerful to a very real sadness.

Wally made a brief appearance and looked troubled. I’m not entirely sure what that was about but hopefully all will be revealed next week.

For the first time in long time, Danielle Panabaker did something in the show. Her portrayal of Killer Frost wasn’t perfect but she made a good adversary for The Flash and it seems very likely that we will see her again this season. Jay was fast again, for a short while… (I honestly feel like he’s draining me of energy every time he’s on screen).

The episode ended with Barry captured by Zoom with seemingly no way out of his prison (even though I’m pretty sure he mastered phasing through walls last season). I think this episode was superb and I just hope that they can keep that level up throughout next week’s episode.

Arrow: Sins Of The Father (Season 4, Episode 13)

“Oliver. You’re very handsome – not especially bright.” – Malcolm

This week the League of Assassins made their return to Star City and Oliver was faced with some tricky decision-making. Alas, as Malcolm Merlin said, Oliver wasn’t ‘especially bright’.

In case you missed it, Thea was still dying and Nyssa was still willing to give Oliver the cure on the condition that he kill Malcolm Merlin. Oliver negotiated and secured a new deal in which he gets the cure should Malcolm give up control of the League of Assassins. For some reason Malcolm isn’t really up for dying or giving up his power so we end with a fight between Oliver and Malcolm. The result? Oliver gets the cure, Nyssa gets the League (which she promptly disbands) and Malcolm loses a hand.

Nyssa is quite a predictable character within the show and it’s rare that she should surprise me but that is exactly what she did when she started calling Oliver her husband. I’m not disputing that it’s true but it just struck me as bizarre and sort of uncomfortable. Of course, they were just setting up the fact that Oliver would fight in her place at the end of the episode but was there a better way to do it? Seriously.

Oliver was faced with a difficult decision this week but his choice to not kill Malcolm yet still take his power and humiliate him by cutting off of his hand was a bad choice. A really, really bad choice, particularly when considering the fact that Malcolm knew of the existence of his son.

That brings us to another key point of this episode – Malcolm went to see Damien Darhk and told him that Oliver had a son (honestly, how could you not see that one coming Oliver? You had a conversation about it just before you went and lopped his hand off). Of course, this isn’t going to end well but is it wrong that I’m kind of excited that this might mean we go to Central City again? I love a The Flash/Arrow crossover.

Also in this episode, Felicity spent some more time with criminal father. I may not get a lot of support on this but my favourite scene of this episode was that between Felicity and her mother. Typically her mum is this ditzy, fun, happy character but seeing how her demeanour changed when talking about her ex-husband was amazing. We saw a side of the character that we had never seen before and that was the result of some wonderful acting by Charlotte Ross.

Between Nyssa disbanding the League of Assassins, Malcolm turning Darhk towards Oliver’s son and Felicity having her father arrested we having a lot of moving pieces that could make a real impact this season.

The 100: Watch The Thrones (Season 3, Episode 4)

“This is a coup.” – Lexa

Intense: that’s the best way to describe this episode or maybe even the entire season so far.

So much happened this episode: the Ice Nation queen challenged Lexa to single combat, we finally got to see a proper scene between Jasper and Monty, and Pike was elected Chancellor.

I said it before but I’ll say it again – this show plays like a political thriller set in a less-than-civilised world. Looking back at season 1, it’s amazing to see how the story has developed and how much the characters have changed but it’s always done so carefully, so naturally that it just works.

Unfortunately, something that didn’t feel entirely authentic this week was Bellamy siding with Pike in attacking the grounders sent to defend them. I understand Bellamy’s motivation, having just lost his girlfriend to the grounders, but to see him be so easily manipulated in one conversation felt out-of character. Although you can’t argue with the results of this move.

Only the fourth episode into the season and there has been a dramatic shift in the main antagonist of the series. With Pike as Chancellor it’s clear that there will be war but it will be interesting to see what sort of action Clarke, Octavia and Marcus take: will they fight with the grounders against their own people?

Tension is high in all elements of this show but during the single combat fight scene I had my breath held. The choreography was beautiful but the outcome was the most impressive and shocking thing of all. Lexa was in position to win the fight against Rowan but instead threw her weapon at the Ice Nation Queen, making Rowan the King.

It was an incredibly smart move for Lexa, but made all the better by the fact that it wasn’t predictable.

From week to week this show only grows in strength and it may be difficult to compare it to the other shows that I’ve reviewed because it is so apart from the superhero genre, but I would happily say that this is my favourite show on television at the moment.

That is it for this week. I hope you liked it and also liked the shows because I think this was a pretty strong week all around. Until next Friday:

Do you have a favourite Earth-2 doppelganger? Could Oliver’s son be the elusive person in the grave from the beginning of the season? Are you Team Grounders or Team Sky People? Let me know in the comments.

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