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Merry Tuesday everybody, I feel like we’ve had so many trailer releases in the last couple of days so be prepared for a lot of that today:

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Released

We finally have a proper trailer for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. I say proper, it’s still technically just a teaser but we get to see characters’ faces which is definitely a step up. In the trailer we’re reminded of the characters that have died (a lot of Starks) and it feels as though Jon is included in that despite the terrible job they’ve done of hiding the fact that Kit Harington is in the new season.

Deadpool Sets Record For R-Rated Movie Opening

Over the weekend in the US, Deadpool set the record for the highest opening off all time for an R-rated movie. In it’s first week it made $260 million which you could argue is because it had a low budget to begin with but I think that it’s more in spite of its low budget. The sequel is guaranteed but I just hope they get a larger budget this time around.

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Released

Part 1 of the Daredevil Season 2 trailer was released yesterday. Why is it in two parts? The trailer is actually pretty awesome and I understand why they’re teasing it. The Punisher, Elektra, another hallway fight sequence: from what we’ve seen so far, this is setting up to be a great season.

Star Wars VII Begins Production

I’m not really into Star Wars (don’t hate me) but for those of you who are, you’ll be excited
to know that they have begun production on the next installment of the franchise. I’m still a little sour that you pinched J. J. Abrams from my beloved Star Trek but I’ll get over it. The main cast are returning for the new film and it is shooting at Pinewood Studios in London.

The Final Allegiant Trailer Has Been Released

Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I don’t think that Allegiant has had as much press as a film of its type would normally have. This final trailer isn’t exactly stunning: there are a lot of visual effects, choreographed fighting and grand heroic statements but I’m not into it this time around. I was hoping that this final trailer would do the same thing as Batman v Superman’s but I’m not excited about this film.

That’s it for today and I will, of course, be back on Thursday with more lovely geeky news but as usual:

What did you think of the barrage of trailers? Are you sick of me talking about Deadpool yet? Stars Wars or Star Trek? Let me know in the comments.


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