The (mostly) CW Review

Sadly, there was no Supergirl this week but we still have The Flash, Arrow & The 100.

The Flash: Escape From Earth-2 (Season 2, Episode 14)

“I’m sorry, he got frisky with you?” – Earth-2 Barry

Continuing on from last week’s episode, we’re still on Earth-2 but after the initial excitement of this new setting, we hit some darker scenes this week.

This episode was filled with action over two different Earths. Earth-2 Barry, Iris and Harrison along with Earth-1 Cisco sought out the help of Killer Frost to rescue Earth-2 Barry from Zoom (Christ, this multiverse thing is exhausting. From now on, Earth-2 characters are in bold). Caitlin and Jay took on the Geomancer and with the help of Velocity 9, they won. Harrison’s daughter, Jessie, was rescued and everybody returned to Earth-1 where Jay was killed.

There’s a lot to talk about with this episode so I’m just going to start at the beginning with what I think is, if not a major plot hole then just completely ridiculous writing. Zoom is searching for Harrison Wells and how does this super-villain go about his manhunt? With flyers. He throws flyers around the city. If it wasn’t already ridiculous enough, we know that Harrison is in his office – how is that not the first place that Zoom looked? As a speedster it would literally take him seconds to quickly check this incredibly obvious hiding place.

Rant over – moving onto more positive things. I am always a fan of seeing the doppelgangers, and getting to see more of Barry this week was a real highlight of the episode in my opinion. In many ways, he’s a lot like a Barry would have been if he’d never become the Flash: adorably dorky but with a good heart and prone to the occasional inspirational speech.

The Earth-1 storyline felt like an unnecessary and unwanted distraction this episode. Potentially because it was led by the least interesting characters in the series at the moment: Caitlin and Jay. I’ve made it no secret that I hate Jay in this show so you won’t be surprised to hear that I wasn’t overwhelmed by his death at the end of the episode. It was predictable when you saw him standing so close to the breach but sadly I don’t think that we’ve seen the last of Jay.

Cailtin invented Velocity 9 this week and if you’re a fan of the comics then you will know that Velocity 9 is a very bad thing. Yes, it gives speed but it is also instantly and terribly addictive – we’re talking the heroin of the DC universe. However this does open up the possibility of some new speedsters – perhaps Wally West or Jessie Wells.

The big question this week was, who was behind the mask? For once, I’m not talking about Zoom (my theory about Zoom being Barry is now crushed) but the man in the cell opposite Barry’s. The only clue he gave us was the name ‘Jay’ but we already have two Jay Garricks so it’s probably not him. There are a lot of mysteries this season.

Arrow: Code Of Silence (Season 4, Episode 14)

“I brought my favourite: pin the junk on the hunk.” – Donna

This week we were reminded of the fact that Oliver is in fact in the mayoral race for Star City and Damien Darhk made a pretty big move.

In case you missed it, let’s quickly recap what happened this week. The show was pretty focused on Oliver preparing for a debate against his new mayoral rival – Mrs. Darhk. Unfortunately the Darhks want Oliver dead (mainly Damien Darhk) and so they tried to collapse the venue of the mayoral debate – with everybody still inside. Quentin was also a target this episode and his relationship with Donna somewhat imploded. There were some surprises in the end with the possibility of Felicity walking again and Damien Darhk kidnapping Oliver’s son.

It’s been clear so far throughout this season that Damien Darhk is the villain of the piece but in more recent episodes his wife is becoming a much more interesting contender. Whilst she may not possess any mystical ability that her husband has, there’s a certain conviction and bite about her that I think that Damien lacks. In the end I feel as though she may be Oliver’s greatest adversary.

Last week I spoke about Felicity’s mum, Donna, and the terrific job that Charlotte Ross does of portraying her. She has a real knack of changing fiendishly quickly and the fact that her default mood is happy-go-lucky/kooky only means that any scene where she has to be serious has all the more impact. The scene in which she breaks up with Quentin was strong and very needed as the show becomes a lot more about story than characters in this half of the season.

Curtis gave Felicity some sort of tech that should cure her paralysis and I have to say that this aspect of the episode disappointed me. As much as I love this show, there is a lot of violence within it but it rarely seems to have lasting consequences for the heroes. Oliver was impaled but came back to complete health; Thea died but there was a cure for that; now, Felicity has found a remedy for paralysis – a mere four episodes later.

The biggest reveal of the episode was of course the very end where you see Damien Darhk introducing his daughter to none other than Oliver’s son, Benjamin. He says that Benjamin will be living with them for some time which raises the question of what happened to Benjamin’s mother? Did he kill her? Or has just kidnapped her child? One thing is certain: this latest development certainly adds fuel to the theory that the person in the grave is Oliver’s son.

The 100: Hakeldama (Season 3, Episode 5)

“Blood must not have blood.” – Lexa

We’re finally down to my favourite show of the week and once again it did not disappoint. The week that I don’t completely love an episode of The 100 is going to be a very difficult adjustment for me.

Following on from Pike’s election last week we saw the aftermath of his siege against the Grounders that were stationed to defend them. Jaha made a return to Arcadia whilst Lincoln was denounced and exiled. Murphy was kidnapped by some people who were very interested in the City of Light symbol and Lexa’s going to try for peace.

In the last couple of weeks, Jaha’s storyline had completely escaped my mind but now that it’s back I find that it worries me more than the threat of actual war. Whilst it’s still not entirely clear what the City of Light is, it seems almost certain that it’s something sinister. It feels like a cult of sorts and I’m excited to see where that ends up.

Tensions surrounding Grounders have come to a head with what was a horrifying image of the aftermath of a massacre. Speaking as a headphone user, this scene was more than suitably horrifying – particularly with noise of flies buzzing around the corpses.

Bellamy’s character is slowly heading into the zone of no-redemption and I hope he pulls back soon because I personally love him as a character. However, from a slightly less biased perspective – the fact that Bellamy is on (what is clearly) the wrong side adds some brilliant conflict in that somebody that not only the other characters, but the audience, love is on the other side.

A big question for me was how long Lincoln would be able to stay with the Sky People and that question was answered this week when he stood up for his people and was locked away with them.

Clarke and Lexa’s relationship seems to be growing and improving with Clarke holding a valuable, if unofficial, advisory position by Lexa’s side. The development from earlier seasons is abundantly clear in Lexa’s line: “blood must not have blood.” Last week it really felt as though a war was the inevitable conclusion but if one side is refusing to fight can there be a battle? Will everybody put down their weapons or will it just be another massacre? As always, I can’t wait to find out.

That’s it for this week. Supergirl, as well as these three shows will be back next week and so will I with another (mostly) CW Review. Until then:

Who was the man in the mask? Do you think that Felicity will be back on her feet next episode? Is Bellamy still redeemable? Let me know in the comments.

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