The (mostly) CW Review

Okay guys, I will be the first to say that this is ridiculous: this week, it is literally just a review of The 100 but Supergirl is back next week and this will be less pathetic. Okay? Cool. Now onto The 100.

The 100: Terms and Conditions (Season 3, Episode 8)

“If something helps you survive, it’s always the right thing.” – Hannah

The 100 was never one for easy answers but as we dive further into the season it’s just getting murkier and murkier and I am loving it.

This episode took place entirely in Arcadia which had this amazing effect of letting us experience the blockade and also seeing how tension rose in the camp. Pike still believes that killing as many Grounders as possible is the best way to achieve peace whilst Marcus fought against him from the shadows. Bellamy’s morality became more questionable but it seems like Marcus being sentenced to death was the last straw for him. Raven is beginning to see how dangerous the City of Light situation is and is railing against it.

Pike is nobody’s favourite character but this week his leadership style fell into even more dubious territory as he decided to spy on his own people in order to sniff out traitors. Arcadia is becoming less of a safe haven, more of a prison and it can’t be long until the general population turn against Pike – particularly as their food and water supplies are rationed because of the blockade. I for one am looking forward to the moment that the rioters go against Pike.

Last week Lexa was killed off and there was a lot of controversy about the show’s attitude to gay relationships. Honestly, I wasn’t that offended by it but I have to say that this week wasn’t particularly helpful in that light. In the first episode of this season it was revealed that Nathan was gay and he was reunited with his boyfriend but we’ve seen very little of that relationship. Honestly, the characters lack chemistry and now it seems as though their relationship may fall apart thanks to Pike’s surveillance policies.

As the show delves into darker and more complex ideas, Marcus remains the shining beam of purity and he’s not boring. I don’t like “really good” guys, typically I want to watch complicated characters but I really like Marcus. I suppose I have to commend Henry Ian Cusick’s performance for that.

As far as new ideas go, the only big thing that happened this week was with Raven and the City of Light. Whilst talking to Jasper, Raven realised that she didn’t simply forget all of the painful things in her life, she also forgot the good things and that made her stop trusting Alie. I have loved Raven since Season 1 and it makes me so happy to see her fighting this. Everybody’s ignoring this weird cult that’s started on camp and it’s a relief to see somebody other than Abby picking up on the danger.

That’s it this week, next week Supergirl is back and then the week after, The Flash and Arrow are back so we’ll get back to normal. Until then, talk to me:

Do you think Bellamy’s going to redeem himself? How is this blockade situation going to play out? Is the City of Light a real danger? Let me know in the comments.

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