Supergirl: Manhunter Review

Supergirl: Manhunter (Season 1, Episode 17)

“If Mel Gibson can present at the Golden Globes then Supergirl can win the city back.” – Cat

With the Supergirl/The Flash crossover finally happening next week, I was pretty sure that this was just a filler episode and in some ways, it did feel like that. Fortunately, as filler episodes go this was an A and it helped to set up events for the next episode.

This week, we saw that the people of National City weren’t quite ready to forgive Supergirl, Hank and Alex were briefly held in the custody of the US government before being rescued by Kara and Lucy, and we discovered that Siobhan has powers.

After last week’s episode, Falling, this episode could easily have been called ‘Fallout’ as we saw the consequences of Kara’s brief time with red kryptonite. It was great to see that there was actually some sort of fallout as opposed to continuing on with the world having forgotten the rampage that Supergirl had gone on.

Siobhan was also heavily featured in this episode and it looks like the show’s sticking with the Siobhan/Winn relationship. Great… More importantly, it is clear that Siobhan isn’t ready to move on from being fired from CatCo., particularly as Cat has made it impossible for her to get a job anywhere else. She seemed like a dangerous character before but now we’re beginning to see a darker and more vengeful version of her – overall she’s shaping up to be a pretty formidable villain.

There were a lot of flashbacks this episode: some good, some bad. We were shown how J’onn J’onzz came to inhabit the body of Hank Henshaw and my favourite thing about this was that you could really see what we’ve come to think of as Hank’s mannerisms displayed by the Martian. We were also able to see party-girl Alex who was convinced in a matter of seconds to go straight and join a secret government organisation. Not to be the person who questions the realism of a show about an alien superhero but I have to call bull on that.

As well as flashbacks, there were a lot of things that changed the shape of the show moving forward. Like I said, there are a lot, so I’m just going to throw them out at you in ascending order of what I like: Alex’s dad is alive; Lucy knows Kara is Supergirl; Lucy is the new head of the DEO; Alex and Hank are fugitives; and finally, Siobhan has powers.

This was a decent episode but it’s like I said last week, anything that they came out with after last week’s episode was just going to pale in comparison. Saying that, next week is the Supergirl/The Flash crossover so I fully expect that to be amazing.

How long do you think it will take for the city to forgive Kara? Do you think that Siobhan always knew that she had powers or that she was as surprised as us? Let me know in the comments.


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