The Flash: Trajectory Review

The Flash: Trajectory (Season 2, Episode 16)

“Nothing in life is promised except death” – Harrison

It’s been a while since The Flash was on TV and this episode shows a brilliant return to form.

The tone of this episode begins quite light with jokes from Cisco and even a club scene but it goes on to deal with some heavier themes. Barry has to face up against a new speedster, Trajectory, who got her speed through the drug, V9. Iris has some trouble defending The Flash at work and the identity of Zoom was finally revealed.

Cisco is one of my favourite characters and he was in top form this episode. Compared to ArrowThe Flash is a more relaxed, fun show but recently with Zoom they’ve been heading towards darker territory. This episode really pulled them out of that and it felt more like Season 1. I think that this was a great way to restart the season after such a long break.

Despite all the breaches being closed we still got to have some Earth-2 fun this episode with Jesse referencing Senator Beyonce Knowles and Harrison quoting Kanye West. Is it me or does it just seem right that regardless of what universe you’re in, there is a Kanye West and he says all the same crazy stuff?

Speaking of Jesse, that was one of the potential romances that the show hinted at this week. In the club scene, she had an incredibly short conversation with Wally but there was definitely chemistry that I hope will be explored. Obviously the West siblings are ridiculously attractive so it shouldn’t even be a surprise that Iris also found herself in a promising pairing this week – with her new boss, no less.

Trajectory was the villain of the episode and marked the first villain that I can remember who isn’t from Earth-2. The show did a fantastic job with her, you could see her motivation and also she had this interesting alter ego figure egging her on that was reminiscent of Spiderman’s Lizard. She introduced the idea that people could make themselves Speedsters using a drug. Although, if they do use the drug they may disintegrate – that’s probably something that they should put on the label.

Before Trajectory’s demise, she injected Jesse with the drug and whilst she seemed to make a full recovery I can’t help but hope that this may be the origin of Jesse Quick.

The next time we see Barry will be in next week’s Supergirl so it was interesting to see how that would be set up. Barry ran away at the end of the episode after finding out that Jay was Zoom so I’m not entirely sure how he finds himself in Supergirl’s world but I am absolutely raring to find out.

What did you think of Trajectory? Do you think Jesse will become a speedster? How is Barry going to make his way over to National City? Let me know in the comments.

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