Supergirl: Worlds Finest Review

Supergirl: Worlds Finest (Season 1, Episode 18)

“All four of you standing there, doing nothing. You look like the attractive yet non-threatening, racially-diverse cast of a CW show.” – Cat

In the past week we’ve seen the most iconic of DC characters crossover, first on the big screen (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and now on the small screen in the latest episode of Supergirl but I think the most important question here is: who did it better? Sorry Snyder but Supergirl absolutely killed it.

This episode saw Barry Allen jump Earths to find himself in Supergirl’s universe. One of the best villains of the series so far – Livewire – made a return and Siobhan became a fully-fledged villain as Silver Banshee. Supergirl and the Flash teamed up to stop these two from killing Cat.

Ever since this crossover was announced, I have been beyond excited about it. Looking at the DC shows that are currently on television, there is no better combination than The Flash and Supergirl: the tones of the two shows just fit together really well and the heroes themselves are similar enough that they can work together fairly seamlessly. My biggest criticism of this episode would be that we had to wait an entire eight minutes before Barry turned up.

Livewire has already been in the show and proven that she’s a fantastic character. We’ve been watching Siobhan for the last few weeks and it’s the first time in this show that we’ve had that amount of time observing a character before they became a villain. Overall I would say that Silver Banshee does a great job of appearing threatening with probably the least visually impressive power in existence. Honestly, you can’t compare Silver Banshee to Arrow‘s Black Canary (who makes me cringe every single time she opens her mouth to scream).

Silver Banshee’s costume could probably use some work but seeing as how it was put together over a few hours, I can’t complain. In addition, the fact that Livewire refused to work with her until she had been given a makeover was so ridiculous that it became funny.

As this was a crossover episode, I was focused a lot on the dynamic between Barry and Kara which could not have been anymore perfect. Every time that they were on screen together it felt like pure joy and they just play off each other with ease. Truly, it was an overload of cute. Winn felt like the plucky, fanboy sidekick and Cat Grant – as always – was Cat Grant which really just left James.

I am getting very tired of the James-Kara relationship angst: one of the few problems that I had with this episode was how much it focused on James being jealous of Barry. There are only two episodes left of this first season of the show so I’m hoping that this story-line is wrapped up soon because I’m not sure if I can handle it going into the next season.

The final battle between Livewire/Silver Banshee and Supergirl/The Flash was ultimately won by the people of National City when the firefighters thought to use water against the villain who had been described as ‘living electricity’. That was definitely a surprise for me but I loved it – Kara won back the faith of the citizens and it was one of the most touching moments of the show.

The episode ended with The Flash returning to his own Earth and then all of the humans walking around like zombies. Whatever the Kryptonians have been up to all season should be revealed in the next episode (another story-line that I’m glad is being wrapped up).

This episode did not disappoint and it may even have usurped the red kryptonite episode as my favourite episode of Supergirl. Although we never found out who was faster: the Flash or Supergirl?

What did you think of this episode? Is Supergirl faster than the Flash? Do you want another crossover episode? Let me know in the comments.


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