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Happy Tuesday people, today there is a lot of Batman talk. Like, a lot.

Batman v Superman Destroys At Box Office

Who saw this one coming? Oh, everyone. Despite negative reviews, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has become the fourth-biggest worldwide box office debut. The film made $424.1 million in its opening weekend – a feat only surpassed by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World & the final Harry Potter film. I’m not sure why this came as a surprise: sure, the critics gave it a kicking but why would that stop anybody from seeing two of the biggest heroes in comic-book history share the big screen for the first time?

New Lego Batman Trailer

As the Lego-Bat says in this fantastic new trailer, “when you’re as awesome as me, you don’t get just one trailer, you get two trailers – in one week”. Is it wrong that I’m already more excited for this than I was for Batman v Superman?

Kingsman 2 Has A Title And A Plot

Kingsman: The Secret Service was a film that I hadn’t expected to love anywhere near as much as I did and it was no surprise that the studio quickly ordered a sequel. The details of this sequel haven’t exactly been forthcoming up until now which had me worried that this was another case of a studio having a concept and some actors but no actual story/script (see the disaster that was Green Lantern). Worry not as we now have a title: Kingsman: The Golden Circle and whilst the director understandably didn’t want to reveal all about the plot, there definitely is one.

That’s all today but until the next time:

Have you seen Batman v Superman yet? Is Lego Batman your favourite Batman? Are you excited for the Kingsman sequel? Let me know in the comments.


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