Arrow – Beacon of Hope: Review

Arrow: Beacon of Hope (Season 4, Episode 17)

Don’t be embarrassed. Performance issues are common for men of your age.” – Malcolm

After a less-than-amazing episode last week, Arrow has come back.

This episode saw the return of Brie Larvan, a villain from Season 1 of The Flash who controls an army of mechanical bees. She attacks Felicity is the hope of stealing some technology from her company but is ultimately thwarted by Team Arrow. Meanwhile, Damien Darhk gains some power in prison and Malcolm Merlyn plots with Andy Diggle.

After Felicity exited Team Arrow last week, the dynamic of the show has taken a turn that I would say is for the better. After Oliver withdrew from the mayoral race, the show has been all Green Arrow, all the time. Obviously the superhero aspect of the show is the biggest draw for viewers but that works best when it’s balanced against seeing them as real people dealing with their lives. We were reminded that Felicity had an enormous company to run.

It’s very difficult to fault this show when it comes to its fight scenes and my favourite of these are the training sequences which made a return this week. The choreography was amazing and energetic and nearly makes me want to join a gym.

This episode was a lot lighter and more fun that what we’ve become accustomed to with recent episodes of Arrow. Felicity’s mum made a return to the show which is always a recipe for success. For me, she’s like Arrow’s version of Supergirl’s Cat Grant – they’re completely different characters but every scene that they’re in just becomes absolute gold.

Curtis found out the identity of the Green Arrow this week, raising the question of how much security their Arrow Cave (or bunker) actually has. Still, it looks as though the show is setting up for Curtis to take over Felicity’s role in Team Arrow – they’ve certainly done a good job of making Curtis an almost exact copy of Felicity. I just need a scene where Curtis drools over Oliver on the Salmon Ladder and I’ll be sold.

Emily Kinney’s Brie Larvan made a surprisingly good adversary. You hear ‘bee overlord’ and it doesn’t exactly strike fear into your heart but there was a real sense of threat and the character herself was brilliant. She wasn’t too campy but she was playful and actually had genuine reasons for what she was doing.

The big reveal at the end of the episode showed Malcolm Merlyn talking to Andy Diggle, implying that Diggle Jr. may not be the reformed man that his brother believes him to be. There is clearly a much larger plot afoot but we’re going to have to wait to find out exactly what that is.

Overall this was a really strong episode from the show: so strong that I can almost forgive them for the amount of bee puns that I had to endure. Almost.

What did you think of this week’s Arrow? Bee puns: yay or nay? Do you want Curtis to become a permanent part of Team Arrow? Let me know in the comments.


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