The 100 – Stealing Fire: Review

The 100: Stealing Fire (Season 3, Episode 9)

Not really a silver-lining type of guy, is he?” – Murphy

The 100 started off slow but ended up being one of the most intense and emotionally-draining episodes of the entire series.

We saw Clarke for the first time since Lexa’s death and instead of escaping, she has taken up the mission of finding a worthy Heda to replace Lexa. Speaking of escaping, after Lincoln, Sinclair and Marcus were sentenced to death, they were aided in escaping from camp but Lincoln chose to go back to save his people and was executed.

This was by no means the bloodiest episode of The 100 but the individual deaths were so haunting that it packed a bigger punch than the giant massacres we have previously seen on the show.

Firstly, Ontari slaughtered a group of children in their sleep to ensure that she would ascend to the throne of Heda. Ontari has made it clear that she is not a character to be trifled with but it seems as though there may be some sort of connection between her and Murphy although perhaps Murphy may just be trying to survive – something that he’s proven to be very adept at.

Over the course of three seasons this show has been a master-class in character development. This week Murphy could have left and saved himself but when Clarke decided to go back he went with her – Murphy of Season 1 would never have done this. With his knack for survival and general lack of interests in the politics of the world that he finds himself in, Murphy is fast becoming one of my favourite characters.

We finally saw something come of the budding romance between Abby and Marcus as they shared an emotional farewell scene before Marcus’ execution and finally a kiss as Marcus escaped. These two have grown so much from characters that hated each other in the first season of the show and this romance feels real and organic. It stands in stark contrast to the relationship between Bryan and Nathan which is admittedly new but lacks any sort of chemistry.

Regardless of how you felt about Titus, it wasn’t easy to watch him die in this episode. A morally-shaky character but one who very strongly believed that everything that he was doing was right. In the end, he somewhat redeemed himself by allowing Clarke to find a replacement Heda and then slicing his own throat against Roan’s dagger so he would not be able to help Ontarr.

The episode ended with Lincoln’s execution and this scene was the most painful thing to watch in the entire episode. Probably the most painful thing that I watched this week. I cried my way through this sequence in which the sense of inevitability was too strong. We watched Lincoln kneel down and so readily accept his fate as Octavia watched on. Some part of me hoped that he could be saved but for once it was clear that this was a death that could not be prevented.

This episode was a game-changer. I’m not sure how long Pike will be able to run the Sky People camp as more people within it silently rebel against him and Ontari prepares to wipe them all out. With Lincoln dead, there will definitely be a change in Octavia but who knows where she’ll direct all of that anger.

What did you think of The 100 this week? Did you cry as much as me? How long before everybody realises what a terrible leader Pike is and kills him? Let me know in the comments.

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