The Huntsman: Winter’s War – Review

Snow White and the Huntsman was a good idea that was badly executed. The Huntsman: Winter’s War makes up for all of the mistakes of its predecessor.

Chris Hemsworth returns as the titular Huntsman and it seems as though he’s been practising smiling since the last film. The tone of this movie is easy-going and relaxed – there are plenty of intense and action-packed moments but they’re balanced out by the humour and relentless charm of Hemsworth (whose character could not be more different from his first outing).

There is an incredible mix of regional accents in this film that makes me wonder what exactly this world looks like. Hemsworth and Chastain take on the Scottish accent which caught me off guard but as a UK national I have nothing negative to say about them. However at certain points in the film I struggled to fully understand Hemsworth so I wish everybody overseas the best of luck.

Besides Hemsworth, the other three main characters are played by Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt. This film passes the Bechdel test with flying colours and is a prime example of what “strong, female characters” look like. The three characters that these women play are nothing alike but they’re interesting and rounded individuals: particularly, Blunt’s Ice Queen.

If you’ve watched the trailers then you know that there are some brilliant fight sequences to look forward to. Chastain’s character, Sara, kicks ass and upstages Hemsworth’s huntsman in a big way.

This film saw the return of Theron’s Evil Queen, Ravenna, as well as the introduction of The Ice Queen, Freya (played by Emily Blunt) as the villains of the piece. If you’re familiar with the original The Snow Queen story then you may be able to guess Freya’s fate. Throughout the film you can predict what’s going to happen and following the story isn’t at all difficult which is great but if you’re looking for something to surprise and shock you then this isn’t it.

One aspect that they have brought forward from the first film is the beautiful setting and wardrobe. Enchanted forests and ice kingdoms are brought to life with visual effects magic whilst Blunt’s and Theron’s costumes are breathtaking.

Ultimately, this is a fairytale and it comes with all of the usual things that you would expect: there’s a love story, an evil queen and a happily ever after. If you’re looking to be shocked or surprised by a story then this isn’t the film for you but if you want to laugh and maybe even have your heartstrings tugged then I would highly suggest watching this film.


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