Arrow: Eleven-Fifty-Nine – Review

Arrow: Eleven-Fifty-Nine (Season 4, Episode 18)

“A father will do anything to protect his daughter from the dark.” – Damien Darhk.

What can I say about this week’s Arrow? I mean, are all of my shows trying to break my heart? Well, now we know who’s in the mysterious grave – excuse me whilst I continue to sob in the corner.

After last week’s ending it was uncertain whether or not Andy could be trusted and whilst Oliver was definitely ready to err on the side of caution, John wanted to trust his brother (John was wrong). Malcolm stole the idol from the Arrow cave and delivered it to Damien Darhk who then used it to regain his powers and ultimately kill Laurel.

The flashbacks this season have been weak but they have finally become relevant – much later than they stopped being interesting. The strange idol that we’ve been seeing in the flashbacks is the same one that Oliver saw whilst he was imprisoned on a ship five years ago. That was why we had to watch that storyline for 18 weeks? Seriously?

Malcolm Merlyn is back in the picture and so, apparently are the League of Assassins. When they attacked the Arrow Cave it made sense that Thea was able to hold her own against them but Laurel fought off two of them at the same time. There was a point where Oliver couldn’t beat even one of them but now they’re taken apart like common criminals. Come on, let’s try for some continuity.

Although if you wanted to be reminded of a past time of the show then you would have to look no further than Oliver’s confrontation with Andy. With Felicity gone, Oliver became a lot darker this week and was even willing to resort to torture to get what he wanted. With Laurel’s death I can’t imagine that he’s going to lighten up any time soon so this season’s finale could shape up to be a lot bloodier than we’ve become accustomed to.

Betrayal, murder: there were a lot of (I’m sorry in advance) Darhk themes this week but one of the most painful things for me to watch was the fight between Oliver and John. Their relationship is one that is easy to forget about because it’s one of the constant things within the show. Seeing them fight and potentially dissolve their friendship was one of the most emotionally-charged scenes of the episode.

It was revealed that Andy was a traitor in what was the tamest prison riot that I have ever seen on screen. I wasn’t expecting Prison Break levels of anarchy but the unity of the prisoners in only attacking the guards was unexpected. Darhk has his powers once again and that has raised the stakes as we move into the final episodes of the season.

We have to mention Laurel, especially as I have complained about her a lot this season. I don’t know who I wanted in the grave: if I had to have chosen anybody from Team Arrow, it probably would have been Laurel but that didn’t make it any less painful to watch. Worse still, she survived and then they killed her. It was emotional roller-coaster that had me in tears at the end.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Arrow? Did you want it to be Laurel in the grave? Let me know in the comments.


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