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Happy Thursday and Happy Birthday to Jackie Chan. It’s been an interesting couple of days so let’s just dive right into it:

New The BFG Trailer

Disney released the first full-length trailer for their upcoming film, The BFG. We get to have our first look at Giant Country and actually hear some dialogue between Sophie and the BFG but I’m still kind of disappointed. When the teaser came out, it was brilliant and it raised my expectations a lot more than the trailer. Take a look:

New Harry Potter Theme Park Opens

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Studios in Los Angeles and what an opening it was. Tom Felton, Evanna Lynch and the Phelps twins were some of the Hogwarts alums that attended. The night was a beautiful spectacle of fireworks and magic and I’m in England where all of this awesomeness is entirely unavailable to me. *sigh*

Luke Cage Actress Also In Captain America: Civil War

It appears Marvel have now hired everybody in Hollywood and they’re having to recycle actors. Either that, or there was some lazy casting over at Marvel Studios. Alfre Woodard has been revealed to have a minor role in Captain America: Civil War after already being cast in a main role in Luke Cage. Apparently the two characters that she will play are different and completely unrelated.

Wonder Woman Release Date Moved Forward

Warner Bros. have shifted their release calendar so Wonder Woman will be released June 2 2017 instead of June 23. Additionally, Jungle Book which had been set to be released in October of next year will come out in 2018. Personally I think that the Jungle Book news is great as we’re already getting a new The Jungle Book in a matter of days (yay!) so at least there will be a bit more time between them.

That’s all today but let me know what you think about everything that’s going on:

Are you less-than-enthused about the The BFG trailer? Is geography keeping you from all your wizarding dreams? Are you more interested in Disney’s Jungle Book or Warner Bros.? Let me know in the comments.


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