The 100: Fallen – Review

The 100: Fallen (Season 3, Episode 10)

“Oh, the things I do to survive.” – Murphy

Before anything else, a massive congratulations to The 100 for not killing any beloved characters this week – I appreciate it.

In this episode we saw Ontari ascend to her position as Heda (with a lot of help from Murphy). Bellamy led Pike into a trap and Pike was then taken away by the Grounders. The City of Light took Abby and now all of Arkadia have joined, barring Jasper who fled with an inert Raven and a surprise Clarke.

Throughout this season, this show has been simultaneously running so many different story-lines that it’s heading into Game of Thrones territory in the best way possible. Having multiple story-arcs can be detrimental to a show as people forget about what’s happening or they’re just not invested in certain arcs but The 100 doesn’t suffer from that problem. Their stories are character-led and all of their characters are fantastic.

Just because nobody died does not mean that this episode wasn’t full of pain, this is The 100 that we’re talking about. Specifically the scene in which Octavia beat Bellamy into a pulp and Bellamy did not try to stop her. Last episode marked a change for both characters: after weeks of succumbing to Pike’s evil agenda, Bellamy is trying to redeem himself but it looks as though it may be too late for him. After Lincoln’s death, Octavia is simply out for blood and whilst I sympathise with her pain, I hope that this isn’t a permanent change.

The City of Light made a return this episode and it’s honestly one of the most interesting arcs that the show is exploring this season. The juxtaposition between the primitive way of life and this incredibly advanced technology should raise some red flags but it’s so well written and they’ve made it work. A few weeks ago I was questioning exactly what it is but I’m pretty sure it’s safe to call it a cult and a hardcore one at that.

Raven lost the fight against Alie for control of her own body and now Jasper’s stepping up. We’ve seen Jasper go from pitiful alcoholic to somebody much more like the one we saw last season. Now that Clarke’s back in the picture – the source of all of his pain – that may all change next week.

Once again The 100 delivered a gorgeous, tear-inducing episode and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

What did you think of this episode? Is Bellamy beyond redemption? Will the City of Light be the true adversary this season? Let me know in the comments.


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