Supergirl: Myriad – Review

Supergirl: Myriad (Season 1, Episode 19)

“Mind control is the answer to global warming – why didn’t I think of that?” – Max

In the penultimate episode of its first season, Supergirl really didn’t pull any punches.

Jumping straight back into the action of last week, the entirety of National City is under the control of Non – or more directly, Myriad. Exempt from Myriad are: Supergirl, Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord. The three of them try to find a way to save the city from Non’s control whilst at the same time Alex and Hank make a return to help in the fight. Hank is killed by Indigo and Alex falls under Myriad’s control and is then forced to fight against Kara.

With the majority of humans under the control of Myriad, the cast of this week’s episode was made up of only a few select people and I’m so grateful that they included my two favourites from the series: Cat Grant and Maxwell Lord. I’ve waxed lyrical about Cat Grant many times but Maxwell Lord is a character that I’ve cautiously liked from the beginning. Enemy or ally? He’s crossed the line between the two multiple times this season and ultimately seems to just be on Team Max which is a characteristic that I respect.

There were also some teases about a potential relationship between Max and Cat (which would be brilliant) but whilst they were intriguing, they didn’t focus too much on it or throw in any completely unexpected displays of affection (I’m looking at you, Winn/Siobhan).

Like I said, this episode did not pull any punches: the first time that Non and Supergirl met in this episode, a woman died. Non compelled Winn, Jimmy, and a random woman from the office to throw themselves off of the building but as super as Supergirl is, she only has two hands and could only save Jimmy and Winn. Honestly, I wasn’t crazy about this part of the episode: whilst an interesting concept in the abstract, it was clear what choice would be made and the fact that I had no attachment to this woman whatsoever meant that I didn’t particularly care about her death – and nobody in the show really seemed to either.

Hank and Alex were still on the run from the DEO – in the best disguises ever – before they returned to Nation City to help Supergirl. At this point, the show redeemed itself in regards to killing characters (clearly I’m now numb to character death – you can thank The 100 for that). Hank was killed by Indigo – a villain that I haven’t liked since her first appearance – and whilst it wasn’t a overly-emotional affair, it was still sad.

The episode ended with Kara and Alex jumping into battle against each other. The relationship between Kara and Alex is one of the strongest aspects of this show so I imagine that next week is going to be pretty painful.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you weep for the late random office lady? Do you think that Hank is really dead? Let me know in the comments.


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