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Obviously the MTV Movie Awards happened and with them, we got a wealth of new clips and trailers that I can’t wait to talk about but there’s so much, that I’ll be posting an MTV Movie Awards-specific breakdown later. Now, the other news…

Tessa Thompson Cast In Thor: Ragnarok

Last week’s fears have been proven to be incorrect: Marvel have not entirely run out of actors. In fact, they’ve just added Tessa Thompson to Thor: Ragnarok. If you don’t know Thompson, then why did you not watch Creed? (she also has a ton of other great films).

The Jungle Book 2 Is Already In Motion

The first film isn’t out yet but Disney are already setting plans in motion for a sequel to (what I’m sure will be wildly popular) The Jungle Book. Better still, they’re keeping the creative team together for this potential sequel – Jon Favreau as director and Justin Marks as writer.

New Game of Thrones Trailer

As if we weren’t already incredibly psyched for this new season, HBO only went and dropped another trailer for Season 6 of Game of Thrones. I probably don’t even need to say it but it’s gorgeous: intense and potentially terrifying but gorgeous. The show had its LA premiere this week and everybody was asked whether Jon Snow was alive. In a shocking turn of events, we still know nothing.

Warner Bros. Adds Two New DC Movies

Despite Batman v Superman not making as much money as the studio had expected, Warner Bros. are charging ahead with their DC slate. They have announced two unnamed DC movies with releases on October 5, 2018 & November 1, 2019. Could one of these movies be Ben Affleck’s solo Batman script?

That’s it today but keep looking out for that MTV Movie Awards piece later. Until then:

Do you want to see more Ben Affleck Batman? Are you excited to see The Jungle Book? Let me know in the comments.

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