The 100: Nevermore – Review

The 100: Nevermore (Season 3, Episode 11)

“You’re one of The 100.” – Monty

This was a very different episode of The 100, delving into new territory for the show but pulling it off with grace.

After rescuing Raven from Arkadia in the previous episode, Jasper and Clarke reunited with the others and tried to save Raven from Alie’s control. In order to save Raven, they had to build an EMP to remove Alie from her brain however Alie wasn’t quite ready to relinquish control and fought back at every turn but they eventually prevailed.

Instead of exploring multiple story-arcs as the show tends to do, the show zeroed in on the City of Light, which – ironically – is fast becoming the darkest arc of the show. Life in The 100 isn’t exactly a peaceful, utopian existence but as much fighting as there may be, the alliances and allegiance are what stop everything from descending into complete madness. That’s over.

No single character in this show has reached Season 3 without their fair share of pain but until this episode Monty was probably the most well-adjusted. I could see how the scene was going to play out when Monty’s mother attacked him and Octavia but the existence of the scene itself surprised me. I have not been a fan of Monty’s mother this season so her death was almost a welcome occurrence had it not happened by Monty’s hand. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sad for the murderer in one of these situations.

The silver lining could be that Monty is now as messed-up as everybody else, and the show certainly did explore the damaged nature of the characters this week. If Raven’s pointed jabs weren’t enough, Jasper’s disdain reminded us of all the terrible things that Clarke and Bellamy have done in the last few years. I had hoped that this episode would provide some sort of resolution between Jasper and Clarke – positive or negative – but it didn’t which I suppose means that we can look forward to that dynamic continuing in coming weeks. I’m sure that won’t get tiresome.

I said that this episode centred around the City of Light but it was also heavily reliant on Raven who was played beautifully by Lindsey Morgan. Raven wore a hundred different faces this episode: caring, vulnerable, spiteful, vengeful, feral. Raven is a strong character in every sense of the word but this week Morgan played Raven in ways that we have never seen her before. It was masterfully done and helped to elevate the entire episode.

The episode ended with a clear plan going forward: destroy Alie and the City of Light. The original crew from the first season are back together and this time they’re taking on – wait for it – the rest of Arkadia… This should be interesting.

What did you think of this week’s episode? How did you feel about Raven? Can they possibly hope to destroy the City of Light? Let me know in the comments.


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