Supergirl: Better Angels – Review

Supergirl: Better Angels (Season 1, Episode 20)

“The Kryptonians couldn’t control us so instead they’re going to kill us.” – Max

We’ve finally reached the end of the first season of Supergirl which was generally fantastic but did the final episode measure up?

The episode began with Kara saving the people under Myriad’s control and with their plan ruined, Non and Indigo decided that instead of controlling the people of Earth, they would simply kill them all. Kara, with Hank’s assistance was able to stop them and all seemed good in the world until a surprise twist at the end.

I feel like they wasted the first ten minutes of this episode wrapping up the Myriad story from last week. Not that it wasn’t good but it felt like the end of a completely different episode and made it so that the structure just felt slightly off. The episode could have benefited from some extra time but they wasted ten minutes on a different story.

After a short fight between Alex and Kara, it was clear that the way to free people from the control of Myriad was through emotion which sounds ridiculously sappy but this show has never been afraid of that. “Truth, Justice & The American Way” – Supergirl represents an ideal and the fact that she was able to save the city by talking about hope and appealing to their emotions was a perfect way to wrap up the season and remind everybody what kind of hero Supergirl is.

In a rather emotionally heavy episode Max Lord provided some wonderful comic relief and was just typically wonderful in every scene he appeared in. Based on the end of the episode it certainly looks as though Max will be returning next season which is great but I feel that way about the whole cast. For an action/hero show, Supergirl puts a lot of effort into expanding and exploring characters that aren’t Supergirl which means that all of the characters have interesting dynamics and even when the story isn’t astounding, it can still be a good episode.

Is it just me or was half of this episode spent saying goodbye? Honestly, it felt somewhat like the writers had run out of ideas or at the very least, they didn’t need a full episode to wrap up the show. To their credit, the goodbye scenes – the many, many goodbye scenes – are all very touching largely due to Melissa Benoist’s fantastic acting skill which she has demonstrated time and time again throughout the season.

At the end of the episode Cat gave Kara a promotion, James and Kara are finally together and everybody was seriously talking about finding Jeremiah Danvers. The show has set it up so there are going to be some new situations to explore next season and frankly, it’s exciting. A new, mysterious pod arrived from Krypton but we’ll have to wait until next season to find out what it contained. I loved this first season of the show and I can’t wait to see what they bring next.

What did you think of Supergirl? Who do you think was in the pod? Are you happy that Kara and James are together? Let me know in the comments.


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