It’s Not All Death & Dicks: Game Of Thrones Funniest Moments

Game of Thrones returns in less than a week and sure, it’s known for its brutal murders, graphic sex scenes and just the general uncertainty of whether or not a character is going to make it the end of a scene or not. I love all of those things about the show but when I’m not flinching away from the image of a man having his skull shattered (I will never be over it), I’m usually laughing. Here are five of the funniest scenes that the show has had over the last five seasons.

Arya Loses It.

Before this point in Season 4, Episode 8 of the show, Arya had been through about as much as a kid could, yet seeing her burst into complete hysterics at the news that her last living relative was dead was hilarious. The Hound’s face makes it even better, right?

Joffrey Gets Bitch-Slapped.

Two episodes into the show it was clear that Joffrey was the worst of humanity so this scene was perfection. Tyrion doesn’t slap his nephew once, not twice – he slaps Joffrey three times and it gets better each time.

Edmure’s Arrow Flop.

Funerals can’t be funny, right? Wrong. Apparently all funny things come in threes because just like Joffrey’s three slaps, Edmure Tully misses three shots before his uncle finally takes the bow away from him.

Lady Olenna. Enough Said.

Lady Olenna is a gift to the world: every scene that she stars in is instantly funny and she delivers the best lines in an episode. Honestly, it was too difficult to choose a single moment so let’s just enjoy some highlights.

Tyrion’s Eyrie Confessions.

The first two minutes of this video are possibly the best two minutes in Game of Thrones. Tyrion stands trial at the Eyrie for crimes that he didn’t commit but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t take this opportunity to confess any other crimes that he may have committed.

What Game of Thrones moment never fails to make you laugh? Are there any moments that I missed that you love? Let me know in the comments.


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