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Goooood morning, I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday. If you’re not then I’m sure reading about all the things that have happened in the last couple of days will cheer you up. Or it won’t but either way that’s what I going to talk about now.

Iron Fist Casting

Iron Fist will be the last of the Marvel Netflix series before they all team up in The Defenders and already this week we’ve seen the release of set images featuring Finn Jones’ Danny Rand. This week we heard casting news regarding a bunch of Meachums – David Wenham as Harold Meachum, Jessica Stroup as Joy Meachum and Tom Pelphrey as Ward Meachum. As this is a spoiler-free zone I won’t go into the Meachum’s comic story but just know that they will play an important role.

Scott Nimerfro Dies At Age 54

As with most writers and producers, Scott Nimerfro isn’t a name that I would have known but throughout his career the man worked on many titles that I love and have been a huge part of my life. Pushing Daisies, X-Men, Hannibal and Once Upon A Time are few of such works. Nimero had been suffering from a form of blood cancer. RIP Scott Nimero.

Willem Dafoe Joins Justice League

Zack Snyder is basically just stealing actors from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man – first, J. K. Simmons and now Willem Dafoe. We don’t know what role Dafoe will play in the film but we have been told that, unlike the Green Goblin, he will be a good guy. There are a lot of rumours going around about his potential role – one that I’ve heard and really hope isn’t true is that he will play Green Lantern.

New Warcraft Trailer

The new trailer for Warcraft came out this week and whilst I’ve never played the game, the film looks interesting. The trailer’s pretty cool but the music isn’t really what I would have chosen.

That’s it today but let me know:

Who do you think Willem Dafoe has been cast as in Justice League? Are you a fan of the new Warcraft trailer? Let me know in the comments.


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