The 100: Demons – Review

The 100: Demons (Season 3, Episode 12)

“Following the creepy music is a bad idea.” – Monty

Last week The 100 went sci-fi, this week they went full-on horror show.

As far as furthering the plot, most of this episode could have stood as a stand-alone episode. The crew went back to Arkadia to retrieve Lincoln’s book but were slowly taken out by a mysterious figure that turned out be Emerson – the man responsible for the (second) massacre at Mount Weather. Clarke saved everybody by killing Emerson. Over with the Grounders, Ontari joined the City of Light which means that the entire world is now under the control of Alie.

Revisiting the place where Lincoln had been killed was difficult for Octavia and we saw her struggle through it this week. Generally it was a touching affair but there were points at which she acted in such an un-Octavia fashion that the show didn’t really make sense. When Jasper walked into the room and literally told Octavia that he had been attacked, she didn’t stand guard or check what he was talking about – she turned her back to the only entrance to the room. More so than any of them, Octavia is a warrior and that is the last thing that she would do.

Whilst we’re on the thread of bad writing, Monty’s questioning of Clarke about what would happen to his mother made no sense. Perhaps my ice heart missed something but I don’t understand why Monty would bother saying that unless maybe Clarke was the one that had killed his mum. Unfortunately, Monty was the one to shoot his mother and she’s not coming back – quit making everybody uncomfortable Monty.

The best thing about Clarke coming back to Arkadia has to be the dynamic between her and Bellamy: they slipped back into their roles of captain and lieutenant seamlessly and it’s beautiful. It’s so rare that a TV show depicts a strong friendship between a boy and girl without a romantic angle but The 100 does it and they create a relationship that is more compelling and healthy than some of the romantic relationships in the show.

Back with the Grounders and Murphy, it seemed increasingly clear that Emori was the Nightblood girl that they were looking for but then the show delivered a massive swerve and it was revealed that Emori had actually joined the City of Light. Ontari was convinced to join the City of Light and now the future of Earth is looking quite bleak.

Do you think a small group of teenagers can stop the City of Light? Could Emori still be the missing Nightblood? Let me know in the comments.


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