Captain America: Civil War – 10 Predictions

Only 2 days left now – anybody else feeling tense or am I just unhealthily attached to a movie that I haven’t even seen? We’ve talked about a lot of different aspects of the film this week but today I’m going to share ten of my predictions.

  • Cap makes a rousing speech about freedom.
  • Nobody knows who Ant-Man is.
  • Pepper is Team Cap.
  • Everybody shows a complete disregard for infrastructure.
  • There are 3 post-credits scenes.
  • Bucky looks like a sad puppy for 90% (minimum) of the movie.
  • Spider-Man is amazing.
  • Black Panther fails in his God-given mission to kill Bucky.
  • It ends a la Batman v Superman as Tony and Steve realise both their best friends are named James and they stop fighting.

That’s it but I will be updating these next week with whether or not they came true – until then:

Do you agree with any of these predictions? What do you think will happen? Let me know in the comments.


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