Game of Thrones: Home – Review

Game of Thrones: Home (Season 6, Episode 2)

“Jaime Lannister is half an inch shy of an inch.”

If you were missing the gory violence and unexpected murder last week, then I hope that this episode satisfied you. This is Game of Thrones so there were a lot of different things going on which means that this is part recap part review.

Bran made a return this episode after his absence last season and we saw how his training with the Three-Eyed Raven was progressing. I’m sure that the Bran story-line is going to go somewhere amazing eventually but right now it’s boring – just as it was boring in Season 4. The best part of this story was discovering that Hodor’s name is actually Willis and as a boy he was able to speak. The only way that I can see Bran’s story as something to look forward to is if we delve further into events of the past.

Then, in the shortest battle in the history of the Night’s Watch, the Wildlings took Castle Black. Whilst it was short, this was an epic scene – they knocked down the gate, they brought a giant, and the fact that the Night’s Watch gave up immediately after one of their rank was killed (why did he shoot the giant?) was a funnier and more realistic response than if they had decided to fight.

We visited King’s Landing where Cersei has a new bodyguard in the form of a seemingly mute but just as terrifying Gregor Clegane (The Mountain). Jaime tried to threaten the High Sparrow but it became abundantly clear that killing the High Sparrow would lead to his death. Their conversation was interesting – last season we learned that the High Sparrow had effectively taken control of King’s Landing but now we see him revelling in that: what is it that he wants? Also, it’s official: I support Cersei this season. I just feel sorry for her and I guess I’d rather the evil that I know than that I don’t.

In Meereen we had more delightfully funny conversations between Tyrion and Varys with Grey Worm and Missandei making a very stiff return to events. Tyrion freed the dragons and they didn’t kill him which is a victory on his part. Now the dragons are free, will they find Dany? I would love to see the Dothraki hoard react to a couple of dragons landing in their camp.

This week Arya was attacked on the street again and then Jaqen H’ghar led her away. As much as I love Arya, this felt very much like the same thing that we saw last week. In fact, they could have used this scene in last week’s episode and then something could actually have happened this time around.

Then we went north again and paid a visit to the Boltons who provided the first real moment of shock in the episode as Ramsay killed his father. I knew that Ramsay wasn’t happy with the birth of his new brother and I had assumed that he would kill the baby (which he did do a little bit later) but the dagger in his father’s side was unexpected and brilliant. Ramsay isn’t mad, but he is an unseen level of cruel – perhaps surpassing Joffrey – so wherever his story takes us this season, I expect high stakes.

We briefly looked upon Brienne, Theon, Sansa and Podrick who plan to head north to seek sanctuary with Jon at Castle Black.

We saw the Iron Islands again – a nation long since forgotten but who want to get back into the running for the Iron Throne. The King (Theon’s father) was killed by his brother and now there is the question of succession. Yara sees it as her right but as a woman, that isn’t exactly a popular point of view. I would love for this to turn into a political espionage story-arc but I think there may be a lot more outright murder.

Finally, after spending too much time staring at Jon’s inert body it happened. Jon Snow is alive and well! Possibly… I mean, he opened his eyes so at the very least, he’s alive. Despite her doubts, Melisandre was able to revive Jon with what looked like a spa treatment.

I think this marks the point in the season that we have finished with any exposition and from next week we should be in the thick of it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did you know that they would bring Jon back? What was your favourite story? Let me know in the comments.


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