The Flash: Rupture – Review

The Flash: Rupture (Season 2, Episode 20)

“I didn’t think he’d actually try to outrun The Flash!” – Cisco

The Flash began this season slowly but as we reach the end they keep getting better and better.

This week we saw the team sending a hologram of The Flash around Central City to keep up the pretence that he was still active. Zoom made his return with Caitlin and killed a group of police officers to prove his dominance. Barry decided that he had to get his powers back in order to help and tried to recreate the particle accelerator explosion but was killed in the process.

I loved this episode of The Flash – this week was intense, there was a lot of death and heavy decisions to be made so Cisco was the perfect break from all of that. I adore Cisco and whilst not all of his jokes land, they had a pretty good success rate this week. However, he had a bigger role to play than comic relief and we saw a lovely scene between him and his brother showcasing Carlos Valdes’ ability to play more than just the comedian.

Once again I find myself getting bored with Caitlin: the writers don’t seem to know what to do with her and she ends up just sitting around, occasionally exclaiming in horror. Zoom tried to tempt her over to the dark side this week – a move that I would be happy to see her make, with the provision that she doesn’t become the campiest, caricature of a villain (see Killer Frost).

Zoom brought over another meta-human from Earth-2 in the form of Rupture, Cisco’s brother’s doppelganger. I can’t exactly tell you what his powers were – he had a really cool scythe-thing that glowed? – but he was still an exciting villain to watch. Especially with the added dimension that when they did manage to defeat him and he was killed by Zoom, all that Cisco could see was his own brother.

Barry paid a visit to his father at the beginning of the episode where we learned that ‘Garrick’ was Barry’s paternal grandmother’s maiden name. Obviously there’s a reason for this so I’m going to dive into some theory right now: Jay Garrick is the man in the Iron Mask and is also a speedster. Somehow, they’ll free him or he’ll escape and be the key to defeating Zoom.

This season has been teasing extra speedsters – Wally West and Jesse Quick – and it looks like it is finally happening. Wally and Jesse were hit by whatever came out of the particle accelerator explosion so we may have some extra speedsters in the next episode (or maybe they’ll be in comas for nine months like Barry – that would be great television).

Overall, I think that this episode was fantastic – the stakes are higher than ever as we saw Zoom kill a room of people for no particular reason and then the Flash himself died at the end. With three more episodes, I don’t think that Barry’s death will last too long but how will they bring him back?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Is Barry really dead? Let me know in the comments.

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