Arrow: Genesis – Review

Arrow: Genesis (Season 4, Episode 20)

“I don’t mean to apply logic to a bad guy’s plot but…” – Felicity

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the season and are now beginning to learn what Damien Darhk’s plot is.

This week in Arrow, the team split up to do their own separate things. Oliver and Felicity went in search of a shaman to teach Oliver magic so that he would be able to defend himself against Damien Darhk. Thea went on an idyllic retreat with her boyfriend only to discover that she was actually trapped in an artificial dome, courtesy of the Darhks. Finally, John went up against his brother for the last time and killed him.

Damien Darhk made a typically dramatic return this week as he spoke to members of the previously elusive council. Just in case you had forgotten how powerful he was and how little he valued human life, he killed the two members of The Council that were present in the room. What I was wondering though, was why the other members that had (wisely) elected to video conference their way in had no reactions – I’m not even sure that they moved. Seriously Arrow, just try. Please.

Major complaint about the episode out of the way, there were some great elements this week. First of all, Thea made yet another Harry Potter reference which solidifed her status as one of my favourite characters in the show. Arrow will never be as bright and laid-back as The Flash or Supergirl but Felicity and Thea bring in some much needed levity.

Speaking of Thea, I liked how she figured out fairly quickly that something about her holiday was a bit off. Her boyfriend, Alex, on the other hand… I don’t think that he was aware that his boss is evil but at this stage he either has to come to that realisation or he’s a complete moron. I’m betting that he’s a complete moron.

I wasn’t a fan of the magical storylines that Arrow has been embracing but by this point I have to just accept the direction that the show is going in. With that in mind, I loved Esrin Fortuna, the shaman that Oliver and Felicity sought council with. Similarly to Constantine, she makes this mystical side of events much more accessible – it isn’t treated with this great reverence and that just makes it slightly more believable.

The key story this episode was the battle of the Diggles and the position of power switched so frequently that I almost got whiplash trying to keep up. Every since Andy showed his true allegiance, he has been far from a sympathetic character so I spent the majority of this episode hoping that John would shoot him. Clearly, I was pretty happy when he died but more importantly, it will be interesting to see the effect that this has on John going forwards.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Can Oliver now defend himself against Darhk? Let me know in the comments.




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