Bad Neighbours 2 – Review

Seth Rogen’s sequel to 2014’s Bad Neighbours breaks the mold as a comedy sequel that lives up to its predecessor.

This film follows on from the events of the first with married couple, Mac and Kelly, looking to sell their house. Things are going well until a new sorority moves in next door, making it unlikely that anyone will want to buy their property. Obviously the logical step forward is to go to war with the teenage girls and as you can imagine, hilarity ensues.

Seth Rogen’s films typically have male-dominated casts but Bad Neighbours 2 is actually largely female. This is by no means the feminist film of the decade but as far as main-stream comedies go, this may as well be Thelma & Louise. There are plenty of half-naked girls on screen but the most objectified character in the movie is Teddy (played by Zac Efron) who never seems to wear a shirt.

Feminism is a strong theme in the film but they don’t take it too seriously: it’s a hot topic at the moment which can inflame strangers to the point of passionate arguments but this movie takes the concept and has a strangely mature (mature for a film that also contains a scene where people are pelted with used tampons) discourse about it, mocking elements on both sides of the argument.

More importantly, this film is hilarious – from the opening scene the cinema was laughing and with good reason. There are some throwbacks to old gags from the first movie but there are plenty of new, and fantastic, jokes.

Whilst this isn’t anything completely new, it’s fun and definitely worth watching.


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