The 100: Red Sky At Morning – Review

The 100: Red Sky At Morning (Season 3, Episode 14)

“Jasper’s actually smiling.” – Bellamy

The last episode of The 100 made it seem as though we had potentially reached a stand-still yet this week showed us just how untrue that was.

Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy and Jasper were on board the boat and tried, unsuccessfully, to convince Luna to take The Flame. Meanwhile in Arcadia, Raven became more obsessed with Alie’s code and despite Monty’s advice otherwise she took their one chance to kill Alie and failed. Finally, in the Polis; Murphy, Pike and Indra managed to escape and attempted to destroy one of Alie’s power sources but failed. There was a lot of failure this episode.

As the main antagonist this season is computer code, it makes sense that the show goes into more sci-fi territory but most notably, their transition has been seamless. Raven typing furiously away at a computer over ten different monitors doesn’t look out of place but fits perfectly within the narrative of the show.

Remember Jasper and Monty in season 1? So young and care-free? Well, after seeing and doing terrible things over the last year, we haven’t seen those people in a while – that was until this episode. Monty had sex; Jasper had a pleasant conversation with a girl: they actually smiled! Naturally the show couldn’t let that stand so Monty had to kill his mum a second time and Jasper’s new friend was murdered. The emotional whiplash that this show subjects me to is dangerous.

We’re seeing a new side of Raven – as one of the toughest and smartest characters in the show, it was always going to be interesting to see how she responded to having been under Alie’s control. Her response has been to throw herself into the mission of destroying Alie but that has affected her decision-making skill. This week was a major blow for her: her relationship with Monty has been damaged, I don’t imagine that the others will have a great response when they found out what she did. Ironically, what they’re unaware of is that Raven managed to greatly weaken Alie.

The only reason that Alie wasn’t destroyed this week was because, contrary to popular belief, John Murphy has a heart. I could wax lyrical about Murphy’s beautiful character development but we can see how he has gone from cold and calculating to a truly loving character: the idea that Emori’s mind would be lost was enough to stop him from destroying Alie.

Alie spent a lot of this episode talking about a ‘migration’ and now it appears that the City of Light is on the Arc. Considering that the City of Light isn’t real, I’m not sure what difference that makes but I’m sure it’s relevance will be revealed soon enough.

The end of the episode found Clarke, Octavia, Bellamy and Jasper dumped away from the boat community, without Luna and with no real plan of action going forwards. As Bellamy put it, “what now?”

What did you think of this week’s episode? How will they stop the City of Light? Did you agree with Raven’s actions? Let me know in the comments.

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