Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker – Review

Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker (Season 6, Episode 3)

“Good. Now go fail again.”

The first two episodes of the season felt like they were setting up the show but now we are definitely in the action and it’s great. As usual, there was a lot happening so this is part-recap, part-review.

We first went to Castle Black and met the re-born Jon Snow who (understandably) had a minor panic attack. Jon’s being alive has a lot of consequences for plenty of people but the glint in Melisandre’s eye was unmissable – she wants Jon to be her new Stannis and going forwards maybe he will be. The typically grim north didn’t miss out on the chance to make a few jokes at Jon’s expense, including one about the size of his “pecker”.

From Jon we went to Sam: as much as I like Sam as a character, I had honestly forgotten about him and it took a while to remember what his story-arc was. He is travelling to the Citadel with Gilly and her child but he intends to first drop Gilly with his parents. Previously I wasn’t particularly interested in this story but now that the show is diverging from the books, it would be fantastic to actually meet Sam’s father.

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven continued in their trips to the past – this time watching an older Eddard Stark do battle in order to gain access to a building. So far the common thread in the flashbacks is Lyanna Stark which means that this season we may unwrap some of the mystery around her and according to some fan theories that could change the entire landscape of the game of thrones.

Dany’s future is looking less and less certain: when will the girl learn that introducing herself that way does not endear people to her? She was delivered to Vaes Dothrak but whether she will stay there or be killed will be voted on by the Khals when they arrive. Now that her dragons are free I wonder if they will arrive in time to save her from whatever fate awaits her.

In Meereen, Varys was able to find out who was funding the attacks on Dany’s men and the show hilariously addressed the fact that Grey Worm and Missandei are perhaps the most boring characters in Westeros.

In King’s Landing, Maester Qyburn has commandeered the use of Varys’ “little birds” and the little power that the Lannisters had is quickly diminishing. Lady Olenna made an appearance and was just as perfect as always. Tommen tried to assert some dominance (tried is truly a key word here) and get the High Sparrow to allow his mother to see Myrcella’s grave. The High Sparrow clearly came out on top but it was amazing how easily manipulated Tommen is. There’s no way that Tommen is going to keep the throne but rather than killing him, they could probably just politely ask him to hand over the crown and he would do it.

Once again Arya was senselessly beaten by a girl who seems to enjoy it all too much but there was more this week. Finally Arya is stripping away her identity and becoming no-one. She got her eyesight back and the Hound even got a mention: is he really dead?

Ramsay continues to rule over the North and was given an unexpected gift by one of his liege lords. Rickon Stark – the last time we saw him he was a tiny kid disappearing into the forest with the Wilding, Osha – is back and that can’t be good news. He was the final Stark that was free: now he either becomes Ramsay’s ward (what kid wouldn’t want Ramsay as a mentor?) or more likely, he’s tortured until he dies.

Our final scene took us back to the Wall where Jon hanged the people that killed him. They all gave their final words but worst of all was the unfiltered anger on Olly’s face as he looked at Jon. There was a lot of hate towards Olly after he stabbed Jon in the heart at the end of last season but seeing his dead body brought home the fact that he was really just a kid. This was the funniest episode of the season so far but Olly’s death reminded us how cruel this world really is.

We learned that Jon is leaving the Night’s Watch but for what?

Will he make a play for the Iron Throne? Did you want Olly to die? Will Dany survive this season? Let me know in the comments.


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