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A happy Tuesday to everybody – I really hope you like Marvel because I have a lot of Marvel for you today.

Black Widow Movie

Before you start rolling your eyes, I know: we’ve heard this a million times – Marvel might make a solo Black Widow movie but this time they’re “committing”. Kevin Feige, king of the MCU (I do believe that that is his official title) spoke to Deadline about the future of Marvel film. Whilst he said that nothing would happen until the end of their current run of films, which take us all the way up to 2019, he also confirmed that a Black Widow film is what they’re most committed to.

Infinity War To Feature Captain Marvel

Also in Deadline magazine, the Russo brothers confirmed that Avengers: Infinity War would begin shooting in November and both parts would be shot back-to-back. Of course, last week we learned that the films would be receiving new titles but we are yet to hear them. Additionally, the Russo’s seemed to slip up at a Smithsonian event and mentioned Captain Marvel by name – it looks like we’ll be seeing her earlier than her solo film in 2019.

Captain America: Civil War Box Office

Captain America: Civil War was released in the US this weekend and it absolutely dominated the box office. With $181,791,000, it became the country’s fifth highest opening weekend of all time. I loved Captain America: Civil War, it deserves all the praise that it’s getting but special appreciation must also go to Disney as three of the four films beating out Civil War for top opening weekend also come from the company.

Ice Age: Collision Course Trailer

Finally, some non-Marvel news: Ice Age: Collision Course has a brand new trailer. That’s right, there’s another Ice Age movie coming out. I think that they probably should stopped at three but to their credit, they’ve managed to keep the quality of their films fairly high and this trailer promises that at a whopping five, this film will be the last one.

That’s it today but as usual there will be more news on Thursday. Until then:

Are you still anxiously awaiting the Black Widow movie or are you over it? Can you guess what the one non-Disney movie ahead of Captain America: Civil War is? How many of the four Ice Age movies have you seen? Let me know in the comments.

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