Arrow: Monument Point (Season 4, Episode 21)

Arrow: Monument Point (Season 4, Episode 21)

“It’s left me with some time to kill – so to speak.” – Lonnie

After Laurel’s death, the last couple of episodes of Arrow have been slightly slower but they brought back the pace this week with a really strong episode.

The team are trying to stop Damien Darhk’s plan to nuke the Earth and they enlist the help of Felicity’s dad so that they can hack the nuclear launch program. Donna convinces Quentin to not sign an affidavit saying that he was unaware that Laurel was the Black Canary. Thea is still in Darhk’s underground haven and helps Malcolm to stop Lonnie Machin (a.k.a Anarky) from killing all the people inside.

We saw the return of some great characters this week: Malcolm Merlyn, Donna, but even better, Lonnie Machin. This season of the show hasn’t been it’s best but Lonnie stands out by far as one of the most interesting villains. Compare Darhk’s cartoonish plot to destroy the world to Lonnie’s unrelenting thirst for vengeance; bizarre fixation of Thea; and unusual penchant for puns which are equally funny and disturbing. He steals scenes and makes everything more interesting.

The fight sequence between Lonnie and Thea was beautifully choreographed and what you expect of the show. There haven’t been many fight sequences recently but those that there have been haven’t felt as good as what you expect of Arrow – probably because of all of the magic. Not just with Thea, but with Oliver in the stairwell, we got to see some great hand-to-hand combat.

Oliver took a backseat in this episode and we focused more on Felicity and her father. They broke into her old workplace and hacked highly sensitive technology together: you know, typical father-daughter bonding stuff. As much as the show is trying to redeem Noah as a character, it’s not working: Felicity doesn’t seem interested and I’m not interested. Yet, I’m guessing that he’ll die in some heroic fashion before the season ends and Felicity will be overcome with grief – either that or he steals more of her stuff before making a run for it.

We heard Darhk’s plan last week but it was reiterated again in this episode and it’s making less and less sense. Damien Darhk wants to nuke the world so that he can start over again with his little dome of people: that sounds dumb but fine. My issue is that if he uses nukes, the world is going to be filled with dangerous radiation – nuclear apocalypse anybody? I’m imagining a The 100-type situation where the Earth becomes uninhabitable. Still, I think that Oliver will probably stop him before he wipes out the human-race.

Although we saw that the heroes don’t always win. Felicity diverted a nuke that would have killed millions of people but in doing so tens of thousands of people died. This scale of damage is unprecedented within the world of Arrow where they usually keep their problems within Star City. This season is raising the stakes and with only two episodes left I’m excited to see where they take it.

What did you think of this week’s Arrow? Are you a fan of Lonnie Machin? Do you buy Damien Darhk’s plan? Let me know in the comments.


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