Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger – Review

Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger (Season 6, Episode 4)

“We never should have left WInterfell.”

Finally: Game of Thrones has been good this season but this episode demonstrated the level that the show is capable of and it was amazing – like, literal jaw-dropping amazing-ness. As always, there so many different stories so let’s go chronologically.

As Jon got ready to leave Castle Black, Sansa turned up with Brienne and Podrick. It’s been a while since any Stark children have been together and of all of them, Sansa and Jon probably have the least love between them but none of that mattered. We saw them embrace and it really reminded us of how much they had been through and how much they have lost. Jon wanted to leave quietly but for the first time in a long time Sansa felt safe and she wants to fight.

Littlefinger made his first appearance of the season. I love his character and it appears that he is still as devious as ever. Whilst he may not control the Vale, he certainly controls the little Lord Arryn and now he’s managed to manipulate the launching of a war against the Boltons. Littlefinger wants to kill him; Sansa wants to kill him: I don’t see Ramsay making it out of this season alive.

As wonderful as Tyrion and Varys are, even they can’t stop Meereen from being the least interesting story-line of the show at the moment. Tyrion negotiated with the masters and has made a shaky deal to end slavery (in seven years): I’m sure nothing will go wrong there.

Daario and Jorah finally reached Dany and along the way Daario made plenty of jokes at Jorah’s expense before realising that he carried a deadly disease and could end his life with a touch.

The Tyrell siblings are in dire straits – Loras more so than Margaery. The High Sparrow took Margaery from her cell and told her about what led him to a life of religion. The more we learn about the High Sparrow, the more confusing he becomes. Is he truly motivated by morality? Does he want power? Everybody wants something in this show and to have no idea what that something is makes him the most dangerous and unpredictable character.

The High Sparrow may have to reveal a bit more of himself as Cersei has rallied the King’s Small Council to wage war on the Sparrows in the city and reclaim their power. Not that Tommen was particularly helpful before, but now he seems like even less than a figure-head: everybody that he talks to is able to manipulate him which is no real help to anybody.

Theon returned to the Iron Islands and received a less-than-warm welcome from his sister but now that she knows that he’s not a threat it could be the beginning of a beautiful alliance.

If you were anything like me then you were hoping that Ramsay had met his match in Osha, but when is the world ever that good? In a normal episode this would have been the most captivating scene (but that happens at the very end) – the sense of danger was enormous yet it hard to work out who was going to strike first. It came down to the last second but Ramsay came out on top.

Back at Castle Black, Jon received a disgusting letter from Ramsay that spurred some action. Not only is Jon going to try and take Winterfell back, he’s going to have an army of Wildlings with him. Jon may not want the Iron Throne but with this manoeuvre, he’s placing himself in the game.

This season the episodes have been ending at Castle Black but that changed this week. Dany was at Vaes Dothrak awaiting judgement on her fate from the Khals when Jorah and Daario came to save her. Now, she could have left with her rescue party or even hoped that the Khals would let her stay but none of that was anywhere near as bad-ass as burning down the building and all the Khals with it. The Dothraki bowed down to her and once again, Dany has an army. Now she just needs to get some more ships…

What did you think of this week’s episode? Whose story are you most invested in? Let me know in the comments.


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