The Flash: Invincible – Review

The Flash: Invincible (Season 2, Episode 22)

“Some people are calling it the Metapocalypse.”

If you weren’t already excited for the finale of The Flash then this should have got you there.

This week we saw a very cocky Barry take on Black Siren, the late Black Canary’s Earth-2 doppelganger. Wally tried his hand at being a vigilante much to the disapproval of his father and Caitlin made her return to Team Flash after spending the last few episodes as Zoom’s hostage. Ultimately Barry stopped the aptly named “Metapocalypse” but lost his father and revealed his secret to Wally.

Wally has grown into a great character and fan-favourite this season. This week we saw him take a turn into the vigilante justice business and I’m still holding out hope that a Kid Flash is something that we can look forward to in the future of the show.

We also saw Wally’s relationship with Jesse develop slightly this episode. The show is a fan of slow-burn romances and this is no exception – so far Wally and Jesse have probably had a grand total of five minutes of screen time yet there’s still chemistry there. With one episode left, I’m not expecting a Say Anything– style declaration of love but I think that that’s another thing we have to look forward to next season – especially if they both discover speedster capabilities.

Black Siren made her first appearance this episode and I hope that she has more. If you’ve been watching Arrow then you’ll know that Laurel’s character didn’t do much in the last couple of seasons. Although Black Siren was a villain, she represented all of the wasted potential of Black Canary. I didn’t cringe when she used her sonic shrieking power and everything about her was electric on screen.

As far as The Flash is concerned, this was a pretty dark episode but they punctuated it with plenty of humour and warm moments. For example, we got to witness some amusing banter between Cisco and Wells to the point that Wells was a much more likeable character than usual. Naturally the show then went on to place him in mortal peril – dammit, always playing with my emotions.

Not content with simple ‘peril’, the show went on to kill off Henry – a death that would honestly have meant nothing to me if it wasn’t for Grant Gustin’s heart-wrenching performance. Zoom has done some terrible things to Barry this season but there’s no getting past this. If you weren’t convinced that next week’s finale was going to be big, I can’t see them holding back anything else.

What did you think of this week’s The Flash? How do you feel about Wally and Jesse? What are expecting from the finale? Let me know in the comments.


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