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Happy Thursday everybody, today we’re keeping it a bit shorter but everything we’re talking about it is awesome (it pretty much all involves Disney so…).

New Finding Dory Trailer

Compared to a lot of other films that have been and will be released this year, Finding Dory, didn’t rank that highly for me – until this new trailer. The music at the beginning smacked me right in the nostalgic feels and reminded me of how much I loved Finding Nemo but then the rest of the trailer proved that this movie tells a story in its own right. The characters have grown and developed but it has the same spirit as we’ve grown accustomed to from Pixar. You can watch the trailer below.


If you were on Twitter earlier this week you may have noticed that the hashtag, #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend was trending. Fans of Cap have united to ask the Marvel overlords to let Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes be together. If you watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier or more recently, Captain America: Civil War it was clear that Steve loves Bucky more than anything. Currently there are no openly LGBT characters in the MCU but [CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR – SPOILER ALERT] after Steve’s awkwardly timed kiss with Sharon Carter in Civil War, the fans are calling bull. Peggy dies and Cap’s next romantic pursuit is her niece? Please Marvel, just let Steve and Bucky be together.

Netflix Gets Exclusive Rights To Disney

Netflix has made an exclusive deal with Disney which means that they will be the only streaming service with Disney properties. That means Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm will all only be available on Netflix. In the war of streaming services, Netlflix is definitely winning.

That’s everything for today but as usual there will be more news on Saturday. Also, it was Sir Ian McKellen’s birthday yesterday – check out 7 reasons we love the man but until next time:

Have Disney taken over the world and does that frighten you or are you embracing our new leaders? Should Cap get a boyfriend? Are you in love with the new Finding Dory trailer? Let me know in the comments.


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