The Most Ridiculous Moments of Gotham Season 2

The latest season of Gotham finally came to an end last week, at which point it was near impossible to be a fan of the show. Whilst it received some criticism in its first season, it still managed to be interesting and somewhat serious drama series.

The second season, however… where to even start? To say it jumped the shark would be an understatement and what’s more, there’s no definitive point at which it became ridiculous – there are so many unbelievably bad moments to choose from, so let’s look at a few.

1) The Fortuitous Appearance Of Penguin’s Father

After the newly reformed Penguin leaves Arkham Asylum he visits his mother’s grave and who else is there? None other than the father that he never met who just so happens to be incredibly rich, in possession of a large gothic mansion, and married into a gold-digging family that despises him. Oh, and minutes after meeting his long-lost son (that he didn’t know existed until that moment in time) he adopts him into his creepy household. It was a story-line that even the cheesiest of soap-operas wouldn’t touch but Gotham ran with it for many, many episodes. So many episodes. If you continued watching through this particular arc then you have an iron will.

2) What The Puck?

The entirety of Season 2 Episode 16 felt like a parody of a much better show. Jim is in prison (where the warden really wants him dead) but manages to make a bumbling, sweet friend: Puck. Who is Puck? Why is he in this one episode? What function does he serve in the story? There are no answers to these questions although his short life did bring up one interesting thing. Jim reacts way more to the death of this kid that he just met than he does to finding out that his unborn son died.

3) Hugo Strange.

If you’re a fan of Batman then you might be familiar with Hugo Strange: he’s one of the earliest recurring villains that the Dark Knight ever faces and he’s brilliant. Gotham‘s adaptation is slightly less brilliant. The big story-line around Hugo Strange this season was that he was bringing people back to life (not exactly grounded in reality, but what part of this show is anymore) and then giving them new identities. Sounds okay, right? Well, he didn’t just give them regular identities – he dived into deep mythology. Most memorably turning Theo Galavan into Azrael. Azrael is genuinely a character within the DC universe but the way that Gotham introduced him had me doubting even that.

4) Don’t Bring A Gun To A Bazooka Fight

Speaking of Azrael, for some reason he proved as indestructible as a Terminator as he relentlessly pursued his mission to kill Bruce Wayne. It seemed pretty clear which way the fight was going until Penguin and Butch turned up with a bazooka. It was ridiculous but I have to admit, it was also kind of awesome.

5) Jim Gordon 2.0

The Jim Gordon that ended this season was unrecognisable compared to the man that we saw in the first season. Not because of any significant character development but more that the writers seemed to get bored with those traditional techniques like “consistency” or ” believability”. Maybe that’s why Jim’s best friend, Harvey, didn’t notice when a fake Jim took his place in the last episode.

Did you make it through this last season of Gotham? Will you be watching the third season? What other ridiculous moments stood out to you? Let me know in the comments.

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