Preacher: The Possibilities – Review

The first two episodes of Preacher had us wandering around in unknown territory – nobody really knew what was going on but there were interesting characters and beautiful cinematography so it was fine. This week we actually got some answers and learned a little bit more about what’s going on. Don’t worry: the characters were still interesting and the cinematography as beautiful as ever.

After last week’s revelation with Jesse discovering his abilities, the big question was whether he would use his powers for good or evil. Sadly he decided to be a good person (which always makes for less fun television) but it was definitely a journey. As far as mentors go, Cassidy probably wasn’t the best person to reveal his ability to but now that Cassidy is Team Heaven who knows how their dynamic is going to shift.

Speaking of Cassidy, it turns out that he is relatively safe as his supposed hunters are actually after Jesse. Perhaps Cassidy is turning double agent – that could make for a fantastic season and honestly, the more Cassidy the better.

One character that could do with less screen time is Lucy Griffiths’ Emily who has done nothing for the story. It looks like she’s just there as a reminder that Jesse has a job and a device that other people’s stories can get told through but as far as a personality of her own… So far this show has been really strong so I have to hope that her role will develop but at the moment she really feels unnecessary.

The tone of this show is so bizarre and unique that the way they find music which fits perfectly in the scenes just has to be commended.

Jesse is now in full command of his powers; Cassidy is on the side of the angels; and Tulip really wants to kill Carlos. I’m very excited for next week.

What did you think of this week’s Preacher? Do you think that Cassidy will sell Jesse out? Will Tulip convince Jesse to help her? Let me know in the comments.


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