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Happy Tuesday everybody, if you are completely psyched about E3 and can’t wait to hear about all of the news coming out of there then you are most definitely in the… wrong place. I’m sorry, games aren’t my things but I have other news?

First Moana Teaser

The first teaser trailer for Disney’s Moana was released yesterday and it looks amazing. The animation is typically beautiful for Disney but it feels like a very new story for them. Maybe it’s the Rock who, even in voice-form, has such a presence but something about this feels wonderfully fresh. You can watch the trailer here:

Gotham Re-Casting For Season 3

Gotham is re-casting the role of Poison Ivy for their upcoming third season. The role was played by the young Clare Foley in the first two seasons but it looks like the show are looking for an older actress so that they can sexualise her and have it not be too weird. I realise I sound bitter, but to be fair to Gotham, seducing men is kind of Poison Ivy’s whole schtick.

Wolverine 3 Set Photos

Filming for the third (and potentially Hugh Jackman’s last) solo Wolverine film has begun and there are now some set photos circulating. Most interestingly, we see Logan hanging out with Professor Xavier – Patrick Stewart, not James McAvoy (“these timelines are so confusing!”). You can take a look at the full set of photos over on Just Jared.

That’s everything for today except that Emmy voting is now open. If you didn’t vote in your local election then redeem yourself, go vote for your favourite TV show. There will be more news on Thursday but until then:

Are psyched about Moana? Do you still watch Gotham? Have you seen enough of Wolverine? Let me know in the comments.


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