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Happy Saturday, have you started watching Orange Is The New Black yet? You should, it’s amazing. Anyway, I have news for you so let’s get into it.

Tyler Hoechlin Is Superman

Okay, maybe Tyler Hoechlin isn’t actually Superman but he will be playing him in the next season of Supergirl. After the first season of the show only revealed part-images and blurred pictures of the Man of Steel he will finally have a face – a face you may remember from Teen Wolf.

New Storks Trailer

We got a new trailer for Storks and it looks wonderfully sweet. It’s always fun to see an animated film from a company that isn’t Disney or Dreamworks. With Andy Samberg on board you can expect comedy but judging by the trailer, there are also some very genuine moments. You can watch the trailer below:

Lego Movie 2 Release Date Pushed Back

Warner Bros. have pushed the release of their Lego Movie sequel back from May 2018 to February 2019. It’s sad news for fans of the original movie but not to worry, The Lego Batman Movie comes out early next year to help bridge the gap.

That’s it today but if you missed anything this week then come back tomorrow for our weekly round-up. Until then:

Can you see Tyler Hoechlin as Superman? Will you go see Storks? Are you a fan of the Lego Movie franchise? Let me know in the comments.


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