Thank God For Television

The nominations for this year’s Emmy Awards will be released later today and whilst there are definitely some favourites, it is hard to say who will receive a nomination and even harder to say who will win. This is the best type of problem.

I love film and I love the Oscars but television has reached a new level. You’ve no doubt heard the term ‘Oscar-bait’ but nobody ever says ‘Emmy-bait’ because there’s no such thing. Whilst there is a certain type of film that will always get attention in the Academy Awards, the Emmy’s race is abundant with diversity and fresh story-telling.

From Mr Robot to Game of Thrones to Empire: TV is telling new stories about different types of people and they are being rewarded for that.

Representation in television is way up (except for the disabled – which is a travesty occurring in all media outlets) and thanks to online services such as Netflix and Amazon Video, writers and directors are able to take much bigger risks in their content.

We also get to see lots of new actors as opposed to the same cycle of faces recycled over and over again. With so many different channels and ways to watch TV, there is a massive sense of competition before awards season even rolls around and that means that people don’t release anything boring: ideas aren’t recycled and TV is smarter than ever.

Essentially, thank God for TV.

Who are you supporting in the Emmy’s race? Movies or TV? Let me know in the comments.


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