Wait. Reboots Can Be A Good Thing…?

There is a problem in cinema with reboots. Rather than taking a risk on new, fresh content, studios prefer to churn out endless sequels, prequels and further franchise installments.

Whilst there’s definitely a stigma attached to the idea of reboots and I personally let out a little sigh of disappointment whenever I hear that another thing that I love is being remade, (can we just let Peter Parker grow up? Please!) sometimes reboots are a good thing.

Star Trek Beyond arrived in cinemas last week and it is amazing. I have loved the franchise since the first film in 2009 (which I was incredibly reluctant to watch) and there was no question about whether I was going to see this latest movie.

The new film series is the extent of my knowledge of the Star Trek franchise: I have never seen any of the series, I haven’t watched the original movies and I have gone nowhere near any of the books. That’s the beauty of reboots: they can be vexing for established fans but they offer an introduction for new generations. They create a black slate within intimidatingly complex worlds.

I can shake my head at Total Recall or Terminator: Genisys but for a lot of people, that was their first experience of those worlds and they really enjoyed them. When you have no real point of comparison or loyalty to some original screenplay, it really is just a new film and there at least a few elements in there that made the original so great.

Basically: fans’ speedy dismissal of reboots or remakes can be just as short-sighted as studios’ dismissal of original stories. Also, Star Trek Beyond is awesome.


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