Easy Summer Binges

Wow, it has been a very long time – let’s just say that I had a summer hiatus (that makes me feel slightly less lazy). It’s finally September and if you’re anything like me you’re in this in between place at the moment where summer is over but university hasn’t started. If you’re lost for what to do then I have a completely original and out-of-the-box suggestion: watch a TV series.

My summer has largely consisted of me ploughing through different TV series and I figured that I may as well share some of the short ones. Without further ado: a list of TV series that can be binged in a single week.

  1. The Shannara Chronicles (5/10)

Image result for the shannara chroniclesIt’s an MTV scripted series so… I wasn’t exactly expecting miracles or anything. The story and writing and development isn’t exactly Emmy-worthy but all of the actors are very pretty and it’s only ten episodes long. Plus, it definitely has potential to improve over its next season.

2. iZombie (9/10)

I hate zombies and I think that this show is amazing. Enough said.

3. Billions (7/10)

This is slightly heavier than the previous shows but still worth a watch if only because the two protagonists are played by Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti. If you’re not into that then let me tell you that the first episode begins with a Golden Shower (if you’re lucky enough to not know what that is then don’t Google it, just watch the show).

Image result for master of none4. Master of None (8/10)

Following on from Parks & Recreation, this is my first experience of Aziz Ansari and his show ticks all of the boxes. It’s a wonderfully written sitcom that offers a fresh perspective and is socially conscious. I couldn’t see it being made anywhere else but Netflix and that is 100% a compliment.

5. Shadowhunters (5/10)

I actually wrote a full review of the series when it first aired but I needed some background noise whilst I did some packing last month and ended up going through the series again. It doesn’t get better with a second viewing.

6. The Get Down (9/10)

Image result for the get downYou must have heard of it: it is the most expensive Netflix series to date at $10 million an episode and it’s insanely good. Baz Luhrmann took a bunch of young, talented actors and told a story that you wouldn’t think needed to be told until you watched it.

Those are six of the shorter series that I watched this summer and hopefully you’ll enjoy them too. I’m back from this completely unplanned hiatus so I’ll be talking to you again soon, until then:

What have you been watching this summer? Have you watched any of these series? What was the best show you caught up on recently? Let me know in the comments.


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