Unsung Heroes || Emmy Season

Hello again. We’re officially halfway through Emmy season on Geek Commentary! Like, what? (I’m pretending it’s gone quickly but this feels like the longest week of my life).

Today I thought that it was time to shine a little bit of light on some categories that form a part of the Emmys but don’t exactly get the same media coverage as others. When you’re a newspaper or a big publication you have to grab people’s attention – I get that. Unfortunately, that means that come Monday morning all the pictures and headlines you see are about shows or actors.

emmys covers.pngAgain, I’m not bashing actors and definitely not the shows that they star in but it occurs to me that these shows wouldn’t exist and these actors wouldn’t have jobs if it wasn’t for the writers. If they didn’t have good directors then the shows wouldn’t even be in the Emmy race. Yet most people can’t name two writers or directors that work on their favourite shows.

I can’t blame anybody: their names are right there in the title sequence but nobody pays attention. Maybe that’s how they prefer it: I know that I definitely enjoy the relative safety and comfort I feel when I sit behind my keyboard. They get paid regardless and amongst their peers they are certainly recognised and their work is acknowledged.

The only people that really lose out are those that enjoy the shows but don’t pay attention to who made it. Word-of-mouth is a powerful way of building interest in new projects but I find a vast majority of new things because I follow the creators.

Image result for ryan murphyWhen you see Steven Spielberg’s name attached to something, you expect quality. Well, that counts for so many other people. I have loved everything that Lin-Manuel Miranda has done. Will Gluck makes a certain type of movie that really appeals to me and it’s been amazing to watch his style develop over the years. Ryan Murphy is 50/50 for me but I know that I’m always going to give his work a chance.

Studios love to tout their lead actors and it is often the case that people can’t get projects commissioned if they don’t have any big names attached but this is my PSA: pay attention to the writers; watch for the directors.

Do you pay attention to the writing and directing categories? Are there any members of the creative team whose work you follow? Let me know in the comments.


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