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The news cycle at the moment is pretty much all Presidential Debate coverage but if you don’t live in the US or maybe you just don’t need the events of the debate repeated to you over and over again, I have some other news!

Luke Cage Trailer

Netflix just dropped another trailer for Luke Cage yesterday. Honestly, it felt like when Beyonce dropped her album – super casual, but it had me freaking out. The show premieres on Friday morning and I can’t wait. I was excited but this trailer has taken it to a whole new level. The Marvel Netflix series just keep getting better and they seem to have perfected the art of the villain. If you want to be as excited as I am, you can watch the trailer below:

Sherlock Season 4 Episode Titles

Image result for sherlock season 4The BBC revealed the titles for the season 4 episodes of Sherlock. They are: The Six Thatchers, The Lying Detective, and… well, the last one is still a mystery. That’s most likely because it would act as a spoiler for where this season is heading. Nonetheless, more dedicated fans than myself have taken the two titles we know and all sorts of fan theories are sprouting – peruse those at your own risk.

First Look At Superman In Action

There are a couple of Supermen floating around our screens at the moment but I am talking about the one played by Tyler Hoechlin in Supergirl. A clip from the first episode of the upcoming season was released and it just makes me happy. Supergirl has this very bright, optimistic aesthetic and I’m glad to see that their move from CBS to The CW hasn’t changed that. I wasn’t completely sold on the casting of Tyler Hoechlin but he definitely looks the part in this clip. You can watch that below:

That’s all for today but I’m always here with different content and I’ll be back soon with more news. Until then:

Are you psyched for Luke Cage? What do you make of the Sherlock titles? Is Supergirl to sugary-sweet for you? Let me know in the comments.


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