The Girl on the Train || Review


The Girl on the Train is a perfect example of the middle-class, suburban thriller. Unfortunately, that means that it does not bring very much to the table that hadn’t been seen before.

The story centres around three different women whose lives are connected and it is this very connection that makes what should be a simple murder case, so complicated.

One of the positive attributes of this film is that it actually passes the Bechdel test (although some critics say that the perceived normalisation of violence against women negates that) and does so with some amazing female actors. You may not like Emily Blunt’s character but she is a character that you never see in film: intrinsically flawed, unstable, and pathetic.

Danny Elfman’s musical score created an edge-of-the seat tension but unfortunately the action on the screen didn’t match up.

Whilst The Girl on the Train has all of the right elements for the genre, it fell flat. There were plenty of interesting ideas and sub-plots which added to the story but it just failed to draw you in. The use of flashbacks was helpful but at times it was simply characters recounting their stories rather than living them.

The story picked up in the final act but even in the end there was no real feeling of anything: vindication, sadness, relief… nothing.

Overall, this is a decent film but it lacks depth.

Have you seen the movie? Does it live up to the book? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.


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