A Beginner’s Guide To Storks

All you need to know before Storks hits cinemas tomorrow.

What is it?
Great first question: Storks is an animated adventure comedy, produced by Warner Bros. Animation Group – the people behind Space Jam and The Iron Giant.

As great as those movies are, they’re really old. Have they done anything in this century?
Yes! You’re right, the company had an 11 year hiatus (2003-2014), but then they came back with one of the strongest animated movies that I’ve seen in a long time, The Lego Movie.

You really should have led with that…
I’m sorry, who’s in charge here?

I don’t know why I keep agreeing to do this with you. What’s the movie about?

It’s no fun if you don’t get mad. Fine, the official synopsis:

Storks deliver babies — or at least they used to. Now, they deliver packages for a global internet retail giant. Junior (Andy Samberg), the company’s top delivery stork, lands in hot water when the Baby Factory produces an adorable but wholly unauthorized girl. Desperate to deliver this bundle of trouble, Junior and his friend Tulip (Katie Crown), the only human on Stork Mountain, race against time to make their first baby drop before the boss (Kelsey Grammer) finds out.

I recognise all of those names except Katie Crown.
That’s because Katie Crown is actually a voice actress – it’s amazing how few voice actors actually get jobs on feature films but she’s worked on some cool shows including Adventure Time, Sanjay and Craig, and Bob’s Burgers.

Anybody else that I know in the film?
Definitely. Animated features may not hire voice actors but they make sure to fill up their cast lists with big on-screen names. In this case: Andy Samberg, Katie Crown, Kelsey Grammer, Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, and Danny Trejo.

Do you have any interesting trivia about this movie?
How fortuitous that you should ask. Warner Bros. are following in Pixar’s footsteps (and more recently, Illumination’s) and are screening a short film before the feature. The short is called The Master and it is about the Lego Ninjago line.

Finally, is the film any good?
Reviews are mixed which means I have no idea if you’ll like it. In my experience that means it could depend on your sense of humour, your mood, if somebody’s head is blocking one corner of the screen and it bugs you for the first half hour of the film but eventually you get used to it and then THEY MOVE and start blocking a different portion of the screen and you’re left angrily crunching your popcorn in an attempt to conceal your rage. Ahem, that’s just… an example. Really, maybe give the trailer a watch and see what you think.


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