Army of One || Trailer Review

I’ve spent the last week in a blur of medication and self-pity whilst suffering from what can only accurately be described as The Plague so:

a) it’s a wonder that I remembered that I usually post these on Mondays, and
b) I couldn’t remember the plot of a single trailer that I watched last week – except one.

Army of One is a Nicolas Cage movie which could be an incredibly positive or incredibly negative thing depending on who you are.

It seems insane: Nicolas Cage’s unemployed Gary thinks that he has been told by God to travel to Pakistan and kill Osama bin Laden. I would question just what exactly they were high on when they pitched this story but as the trailer so kindly informs us: this is a true story.

With Nic Cage around, this movie is clearly going to be interesting and I appreciate that they’re going into completely untested territory. When casting the role of God there are some obvious choices (Morgan Freeman is number one on the list obviously) but this film went pretty out of the box and decided on Russell Brand. That Russell Brand.

I am, however, wary. This movie is being marketed as a comedy and that is becoming an increasingly difficult genre to do well in. I’m certain that it will be bizarre and possibly intense but fingers crossed that it also inspires some laughs.

What did you think of the trailer? Can you imagine Russell Brand as God? Let me know in the comments.


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